Science and Math Expo

Sponsored by:

Gundersen Health System

UWL Extended Learning

Science & Math Expo 2021

A virtual event taking place April 26–May 26, 2021
Grades 6–8

Students can enter one or all of the following categories

  • Present the results of a science experiment
  • Present a math game they have designed
  • Present a research report exploring a scientific topic

Sponsored by: 

UW-La Crosse Extended Learning

The purpose:

The Science & Math Expo is designed to demonstrate the importance of mathematics and the sciences to middle school children no matter what profession they ultimately select. Through the Science & Math Expo, students learn:

  • The scientific process, including how to evaluate problems and think like a scientist
  • New research and discoveries in science
  • Equipment used in science
  • Fun ways to apply the mathematics they know
  • Going beyond the classroom in developing their ideas
  • More about careers in science and math

During the Expo, students present their science and math projects to reviewers in an online/synchronous session. Reviewers create a learning dialog between student scientists and do not judge the student's work in the traditional sense.

Program questions, please contact:

UWL Extended Learning, or 608.785.6500

Thank you to Peg Vogel for authoring much of the material on this website.