2019 Conference on Research and Innovation in
Teaching Mathematics with Technology


The goal of this conference is to increase awareness of issues related to teaching mathematics with technology. We aim to bring together a community of mathematics teachers, teacher educators, and mathematicians and provide them with a space to reflect on the role of technology in their classroom. In doing so, we hope to encourage individuals to consider how technology can influence the mathematics they teach as well as the manner in which they teach it.

Conference theme: Strategic and Impactful Use of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Presentation strands

  1. The structure, content, and sequence of courses designed to prepare pre-service teachers to use technology in their mathematics classrooms.
  2. Research on the use of technology in mathematics classrooms at any level.
  3. Pedagogical innovations in the use of technology within mathematics (or mathematics education) coursework.

Who should attend

  • Mathematics teacher educators
    • Those who teach teaching mathematics with technology courses
    • Those who teach other education courses and incorporate technology
  •  Graduate mathematics education students
    •  Those studying to be teacher educators
  • Mathematicians
    •  Those who may be asked to teach teaching mathematics with technology courses
    •  Those who work with pre-service teachers in content courses
    •  Those teaching mathematics courses and interested in integrating technology
  • Mathematics teachers
    • Those who use technology in their teaching
  • Those who are interested in teaching mathematics with technology
  • Pre-service mathematics teachers