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Eagle Mail - Financial Aid Newsletter 

The Financial Aid Office produces a monthly newsletter which is available to students and parents. A typical newsletter will include timely topics in financial aid, valuable financial literacy helps and information on scholarships that are due the end of that month.

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February 2017
  * Summer and Part-Time Job Fair
  * Don't Wait! Pay Your Bill On-Time
  * It Make$ Cents! Spring Events
  * Prom Dress Resale
  * Scholarship Resoure Center (SRC) Unique Scholarships
  * New Student Union & New Credit Union
  * Ask Earnest - answers to pertinent Financial Aid questions

January 2017
  * Have you completed yoru 2017-18 FAFSA?
  * New for 2017-2018!
  * Free Credit Score / Free Credit Reports
  * It Make$ Cents! Peer Mentors
  * Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) UWL Scholarships
  * Repeat Credits Policy
  * Ask Earnest - answers to pertinent Financial Aid questions

November 2016
  * Pay Your Bill So You Can Register
  * Free Credits at UW-La Crosse
  * It Make$ Cents!
  * Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) UWL Scholarships
  * Financial Aid for Study Abroad
  * Ask Earnest - answers to pertinent Financial Aid questions

October 2016
  * Changes to the FAFSA
  * Find out who your Federal Loan Servicer is
  * It Make$ Cents!
  * Video Dance Challenge
  * Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) Upcoming Events
  * Satisfactory Academic Progress
  * Ask Earnest - answers to pertinent financial aid questions

September 2016
  * Online Checks vs. Debit/Credit Cards
  * Financial Aid Disbursements & Billing
  * Eagle Opportunities Online Job Board
  * Where to Start (Scholarship Resource Center)
  * Upcoming It Make$ Cents! Events
  * "Not Just Wingin' It" Blog

August 2016
  * You "Hafta FAFSA" Early
  * Completing Entrance Loan Counseling & a Promissory Note
  * Who has to repay my student loans?
  * Veterans/Military Education Benefits
  * How To Limit Your Loans
  * Don't Stop Applying (Scholarship Resource Center)
  * Your Financial Aid Award on WINGS

July 2016
  * Interest Rates Set for 2016-17
  * What to consider when choosing an alternative education loan
  * It Make$ Cents!
  * Scholarsip Resource Center (SRC)
  * Be sure to read your Award Messages
June 2016
  * "Your Other Loan Eligibility*"
  * Federal Parent PLUS Loans vs. Alternative Loans
  * It Make$ Cents!
  * You Hafta FAFSA ... Just Earlier This Year!
  * Scholarship Resource Center (SRC)
  * How to Sign Up for This Newsletter&nbsp