Office for Financial Aid

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  • You must either accept or decline the offered Financial Aid at your WINGS Student Center, If you wish to reduce the amount of loan, you should accept it and then reduce it in WINGS. The amount you accept in WINGS will be split equally between semesters unless you are only attending one semester. Contact the Financial Aid Office about an exception to even disbursements. 
  • Print out the "Guide to Your Financial Aid Award". Graduates print out the "Guide to Your Graduate Financial Aid".
  • Please note that you will not be able to accept "Your Other Loan Eligibility". This amount is informational only to let you know the maximum amount that can be borrowed in either a Parent PLUS Loan, Graduate PLUS Loan or an alternative education loan. Any of these will require separate applications.
  • The amount listed as "Your Other Loan Eligibility" is based on the predetermined cost of attendance minus any financial aid that is offered. In most cases, borrowing the entire amount listed as "Your Other Loan Eligibility" will result in the student receiving a sizable refund. Students are encouraged to only borrow what they need.
  •  If you determine that you have borrowed more than you need, contact the Financial Aid Office about reducing your loan(s) and returning funds to the lender.
  •  If you decline or reduce an offered loan and later determine that you need those funds, you can contact the Financial Aid Office to request the loan be added back onto your award as long as school is still in session and you are still at least half-time.