Data Science Online Program
This cost of attendance allowance is not the amount you will be charged. It is the amount of aid eligibility based on tuition and an allowance for living expenses.
If you are receiving any educational benefits (scholarships, employee tuition reimbursement, Military benefits, etc.) please complete our scholarship and resource notification form or report it using the WINGS student center online “Report Other Financial Aid” link. These benefits will reduce the amount of loans you are offered. 
The 2018-19 estimated cost of tuition is $842 per credit.
3 credits $2,526 
6 credits $5,052
9 credits $7,578 
12 credits $10,104

2018-19 Cost of Attendance Allowance per term:
3 credits $6,282 *
6 credits $9,691
9 credits $12,217
12 credits $14,743

 *Federal loans are not available at less than half-time. Certain private alternative educational loans may be available.

Summer 2018 Estimated Tuition:
3 credits $2,475
6 credits $4,950
9 credits $7,425

Estimated Cost of Attendance Allowance:
3 credit summer $4,925
6 credit summer $8,071
9 credit summer $10,599