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Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) grant for graduate students

The intent of the Advanced Opportunity Program is to provide financial assistance  to designated racial/ethnic minority and disadvantaged graduate students to improve opportunities for retention and graduation and lessen the burden of student debt.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Student must be officially admitted to a graduate program at UW La Crosse
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • Member of a disadvantaged or under-represented ethnic minority group or an economically disadvantaged student.  Priority is given to:
    • WI residents, full-time, and on-campus
    • WI residents, part-time, and on-campus
    • WI residents, online
  • Must be at least half-time (5 credits) per semester
  • Must be in good standing and in compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to UW La Crosse