Office for Financial Aid

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While the overall costs of attending college vary with each student, there are certain costs which can be anticipated.

Estimated 2017-18 costs for new full time undergraduate students are:

Student Base Budget WI Resident MN Resident Non-Resident Commuter
Tuition/Fees** $9,242 $9,242 $17,912 $9,242
Room* $3,713 $3,713 $3,713 0
Food $2,468 $2,468 $2,468 0
TOTALS $15,423 $15,423
$24,093 $9,242


* Residents of Reuter and Eagle Halls will have additional room costs.

Minnesota residents can attend under the reciprocity program. However, they must file an "Application for Reciprocity Fee Status" prior to the start of their classes. Applications are available at your high school guidance office or the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Click on Online Applications and choose the year you will be attending school. The applications for the 2017-18 year should be available in March.

** A book rental fee is included in the figure for tuition/fees listed above. This fee covers the cost of renting all basic textbooks.

Tuition and Fee Schedules