Exit Loan Counseling must be completed each time a student drops below half-time, withdraws entirely from the university, or graduates.

Important information:

1-  If not already done so, create an Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID and password at https://fsaid.ed.gov. Creating an FSA ID is required to log into the StudentLoans.gov and does require the student's identity to be verified through the Social Security Administration, which could take a few business days.

2-  The Exit Counseling Session will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting. 

3-  As part of the session, students will need to supply contact information for their next of kin (usually parents), two references who live at a different address than their next of kin; please note that all three references must live at different addresses. 

Proceed to Exit Loan Counseling to complete this federal requirement.

The average total indebtedness of UW-La Crosse students who have borrowed federal loans during their undergraduate career is $26,706 for 2017-18.