Important information for parents

We've compiled the following information which we hope will be helpful. If your can't find what you need on our website, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Guest access

Students can grant permission to parents or other interested parties to view their financial aid awards online via WINGS. The guest must have a valid email address. Due to privacy regulations, only the student can grant this permission. For instructions to grant access use our guest access document. For more information, see our FERPA page.

Parent PLUS loans

Parents of dependent undergraduate students may be eligible to borrow a federal Parent PLUS loan. A FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be on file for the student for the aid year in which you intend to borrow. The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Program provides loans for parents of dependent students attending post-secondary schools. Eligibility is based on credit worthiness of the parent. Parents and/or step parents of dependent undergraduate students are eligible to borrow under the Federal Parent PLUS program.

When completing the Parent PLUS loan application online, you will need to indicate a loan period. For fall, put September to December. For the entire academic year, put September to May. Half will disburse in fall and the other half in spring. Parents must also complete a Parent PLUS loan Master Promissory Note if this is the first Parent PLUS loan they have borrowed for this student.

In-school deferment of Parent PLUS loans

Parents who borrow a Parent PLUS Loan on their student's behalf may defer the payment of the loan. Parent PLUS Loans do not go into repayment until the loan is fully disbursed (usually a loan is fully disbursed around the first day of the spring semester if the loan is for the academic year). At that time, if the parent did not choose the deferment option when they initially applied, the parent can complete the required In-School Deferment Request Form, (available from their loan servicer) and mail it to the Department of Education at the address on the form. Interest will continue to accrue while the loan is in deferment. When applying for the Parent PLUS loan online at, the parent is given the option to defer repayment of the PLUS loan until the student is out of school six months.

The In-School Deferment Request Form will require verification of the student's enrollment. To print out an enrollment certificate to send in with the Request Form, the student should go to their WINGS Student Center. Under Enrollment Resources, the student should choose Enrollment Verification, then choose Enrollment Certificate. This Enrollment Certificate should be sent in with the Request Form to satisfy the requirement for Section 4. (You will not need to submit the Request Form to an Authorized Official to complete Section 4 because the Enrollment Certificate satisfies the requirement).

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