Grants are considered gift aid that is not to be repaid. Applicants will be considered for all grant assistance when applying for financial aid.

Federal Pell Grant

Undergraduates; need based 
2019-20  Maximum $6,195

Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

Undergraduates; need based

Wisconsin Grant - UW (WHEG)

Wisconsin resident undergraduates; need based 
2019-20 Minimum $779 / Maximum $3,003

Talent Incentive Program (TIP)

Wisconsin resident undergraduates with exceptional need

Non-Resident Fee Waiver

Non-resident undergraduate and graduate students; need based

Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant

Ethnic Minority* undergraduates (sophomores, juniors, seniors) in good standing; 
Wisconsin and Minnesota residents; need based

American Indian Grants (Federal/Tribal/State)

File "Indian Scholarship Application" with tribe 
State information 
Federal information

Wisconsin Study Abroad Grant

Wisconsin undergraduates studying abroad; need based

Advanced Opportunity Grant

Ethnic Minority* graduate students 
Both Wisconsin residents and non-residents are eligible

Hearing & Visually Handicapped Student Grant

Undergraduate Wisconsin residents 
Severe or profound hearing or visually impaired students; need based

Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

Physically challenged students 
Contact local DVR office 

* Ethnic Minority - African-Americans, Hispanic, Native Americans and Southeast Asian Refugees