Is my project a fit for crowdfunding?
  • Specific project or need... Can we quickly and easily explain what we need funding for? 
  • Realistic fundraising goal... Can we explain how funds will be used? Is our project goal between $500-$5,000?
  • Specific group dedicated to working on getting the project funded... Is there a team of faculty/staff/students who have time to invest in raising money with us? 
  • A sense of urgency... Do we have a deadline to raise the money?

If YES to ALL of the above then you should proceed to the application!

Crowdfunding basics at UWL

  • Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or initiative by raising many small donations of money from a large number of people through an online campaign.
  • Crowdfunding can be used to fundraise for a wide variety of projects initiated by faculty, staff, and students, that further UW-La Crosse's mission.
  • Accepted campaigns will have goals ranging from $500-$5,000
  • Crowdfunding campaigns at UWL will run for 30-60 days. 
  • Applications are open to the campus community. Students looking to raise funds must have a UWL faculty or staff person work with your group throughout the campaign. 
    • The UWL Advancement team, will determine the eligibility of submitted applications and approve each project on an individual basis. Campaigns cannot be run in conjunction with other efforts to fund the same project by an individual or group.
  • A campaign team consists of
    • Team Lead: project manager and liaison with UWL Advancement (submit application, create campaign landing page, oversee/manage team members, manage communication plan).
    • Team members: members of your group/department/organization who will assist with developing and sharing content throughout the campaign.
    • Supporters: people you know who will donate to your project.
    • UWL Advancement: reviews project content and communication plans, consults regarding best practices and trains team on technology as needed. Additionally, Advancement will provide a step-by-step guide page builder, suggested marketing timeline, and will send up to two emails on behalf of the campaign.  

Questions? Contact Jenna: 

Crowdfunding FAQ

Does UWL Advancement distribute contact info for alumni, parents, friends or students? 
No, we will consult with teams to generate ideas, provide feedback and review content. UWL Advancement WILL send up to two emails on behalf of your campaign.

Can funds be raised for a third-party entity, such as an external non profit or individual?
, each Crowdfunding campaign must further the UWL mission by supporting university programs and initiatives.

What happens if the project is not fully funded within the campaign?
The campaign creators will receive all the funding made to the project even if they don’t meet their goal. Specifics of how they will communicate this to donors will be outlined prior to campaign launch.

Who decides which projects get accepted/posted?
UWL Advancement will review and select projects based on their knowledge of strong cases of support and fundraising best practices.

How do I access my donations?
Team Lead’s will work with the UWL Advancement Finance Department to request their funds.

Will my friends/family/colleagues who give to my project be added to the UWL Advancement database?
Yes, This is a part of gift processing and stewardship.

Does UWL Advancement take a percentage of the funds raised?
Yes, 5% of funds raised will be used to support the Crowdfunding platform and credit card fees (3%).