What is UWL "Advancement"? expanding section

The UWL Foundation and UWL Alumni Association work together to build lasting relationships with alumni, friends and donors who wish to give their talent, service and support to UWL. Together, we 'advance' the mission of UWL. 

What is the difference between the Alumni Association and the Foundation? expanding section

The Alumni Association works to keep UWL alumni connected to campus after graduation. A membership in the Alumni Association allows alumni to receive special, exclusive benefits such as travel, insurance, and more.  Special rates apply to those who have graduated in the last decade. You can join the Association on an annual basis or for a lifetime.

The UWL Foundation seeks to raise philanthropic support from UWL alumni and friends to support the education of our current students, work of faculty and staff, and campus needs. Donors can designate where they want their gift to go. Regardless of size or designation, all gifts are important and make an impact.

If UWL is a public institution why does it need private financial support? expanding section

While a portion of UWL’s annual budget comes from state funds, the total operating budget is also funded through tuition and fees, grants and your support. Your gift increases UWL’s ability to offer quality education and services as affordably as possible.

Why is the Foundation separate from the University? expanding section

Our centralized organization provides efficiency and these benefits are passed on to our donors. When you partner with the UWL Foundation, you’ll work with people who not only work directly with UWL, but are also experts in the private funding process. Not only do we reduce costs through our organization, but we also are able to keep donor designated gifts distinct from public funds, ensuring donor intent, confidentiality, accurate disbursements and compliance. 

Why does the percentage of alumni giving to UWL matter? expanding section

Your participation counts, not just in dollars, but also as a vote of confidence in the University. Annual giving is an indicator of the University's strength and quality, as well as a benchmark for corporations, foundations and organizations as they consider whether to give to UWL. By making an annual gift of any size to the UWL Fund, you can show your support and have an impact on the University's future. The great power of donor participation is the strength of numbers. Together, we can achieve so much more than any one of us alone.

How do I know my wishes will be followed? expanding section

Maintaining donor intent is of the utmost importance to the UWL Foundation. We want to make sure that you are able to make a significant impact on the university, preferably in an area that you’re passionate about. Many funds, programs and gifts are governed by an UWL Foundation Memorandum of Agreement, which clearly states the donors’ intentions for that funding. The UWL Foundation and all offices in the university that will play a role in the use of the gift maintain copies of the agreement.

Why am I receiving calls from the UWL Foundation? expanding section

Our student phone center team reaches out to thousands of alumni each year to share the latest campus news, update contact information, and invite graduates to join our community of supporters.

What if I'm having trouble making a donation? expanding section

If you are having difficulty during normal business hours, please contact the UWL Foundation at 608.785.8765 and request a representative from our Gift Accounting Department.  Outside of business hours, please send an email to foundation@uwlax.edu and your message will be addressed the next business day.

What if I can't find the area or fund I want to support? expanding section

If you aren’t able to find the fund you are looking for in the dropdown menu, you can use the “Other” option on any form to write in your donation. Or, contact the Foundation to ensure your gift supports your area of interest. 

Does the size of my gift matter to UWL? expanding section

Every donation matters. Every donation counts. Your gift of any size helps ensure UWL’s excellence now and in the future. You are encouraged to explore the site and find a school, department, campus area, fund or cause that matters to you, and make a gift, of any size.

What is an endowment? expanding section

An endowment is a fund established by gift in which the donor has imposed the restriction that the principal remain intact; only income and growth from the principal can be used to support the stated purpose of the fund. UWL requires a minimum of $25,000 to establish an endowment. To speak with someone about establishing an endowment please contact the Foundation at foundation@uwlax.edu or 608.785.8489

How do I update my personal information with the University? expanding section

To alert us to changes in address, marital status, etc., please contact:

As an alumnus of UWL please contact Alumni Services at alumni@uwlax.edu, or contact us by phone at 608.785.8489.

As a friend of UWL please contact the Foundation at foundation@uwlax.edu, or contact us by phone at 608.785.8489.

To whom can I speak with about my gift or a prospective gift? expanding section

We would be happy to learn more about your passion for supporting UWL. Please direct any questions via email to foundation@uwlax.edu or call 608.785.8489.

What is the UWL Fund? expanding section

The UWL Fund supports the UWL budget with contributions from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, foundations, faculty and staff. The UWL Fund gives the University the flexibility to respond to immediate opportunities and challenges. The Fund helps to keep a UWL education attainable for deserving students through annual scholarships. Gifts to the UWL Fund also supports innovative educational and service programs.

How can I name a building or classroom? expanding section

General Guidelines for Naming Rights - Facilities

Naming opportunities may include new facilities that are to be constructed or acquired and existing facilities without a permanent name. These guidelines are meant to serve as a general rule of thumb as each building and the spaces within and adjacent are unique. 

New construction projects that are funded entirely through philanthropic support should be considered on a project-by-project basis and the gift should be directed to the construction of the project.

Naming rights in facilities may be utilized as an additional incentive for gifts of endowment to support student scholarships or scholarly activities by faculty and staff. Limited term naming rights may be approved for non-endowment gifts with the general rule that the gift amount should be double the amount listed below and the term should not exceed 20 years.

The naming area should align with the designated area of the gift as much as possible. See below for current and future building-specific opportunities.

General Guidelines for Naming Facilities 
$2,000,000 Building, subject to approval by University of Wisconsin Board of Regents
$1,000,000 Major Hall (i.e. Hall of Nations), Building Wing, Addition/Annex
$750,000 Grand Lobby
$500,000 Graff Main Hall Auditorium, Small Hall, Administrative Office Suite
$250,000.00 Dean’s Office Suite, Large Courtyard
$150,000-$100,000 Large Lecture Classroom, Research Laboratory, Small Courtyard, Academic Office Suite, Large Office Suite
            $75,000 Computer Laboratory, First-story Classroom
            $50,000  Office Suite, Large Conference Room
            $25,000 Upper-story Classroom, Small Conference Room, Academic Study Area
How can I name a program at UWL? expanding section

General Guidelines for Naming Rights - Programs

Naming opportunities are also available and encouraged to support programs, positions, centers and other non-facility opportunities across campus. These guidelines are meant to serve as a general rule of thumb as each program is unique.

Naming rights for programs should be associated with gifts of endowment that support the program directly or the scholarly activities by faculty and staff within that program. The naming area should align with the designated area of the gift as much as possible.

General Guidelines for Naming Programs
$10,000,000 College
$2,500,000 School, Dean
$1,000,000 Department, Department Chair
$500,000 Professor
         $250,000 Director, Academic Center
$100,000 Visiting Lecture Series
$25,000 Endowed Scholarship