How to make a gift

How to make a gift

Gifts can take many forms. Whether you give online, through an endowment, or simply by check, your gift makes an impact on the lives and work of UWL students, faculty and staff. With your gift, you strengthen the university's reputation for offering high-quality academics.

Giving options

The most frequent method used to make a gift to the Foundation for the university is a check.

Checks should be made payable to UWL Foundation and mailed to:

UWL Foundation
615 East Ave N
La Crosse, WI 54601

For security reasons, please do not mail cash donations.

Feel free to use the memo line to designate a specific activity or program where the gift should be directed. A receipt will be generated for the donor based on the date of delivery, either by hand or by mail, to the Foundation.

The fastest, most direct way to make your gift to UWL. It's easy, safe, and convenient. 

UWL accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. 

Give Now!

Many employers have programs that will match employee donations to the UWL Foundation. Some match dollar for dollar, while others will donate up to three times your original donation! Numerous companies also match donations from spouses, retirees and board members.

Please contact your employer’s HR department to determine if your gift qualifies for a match. 

Examples of Matching Gift Companies

Air Wisconsin Airlines Honeywell Home Products Sprint
Ameriprise Financial Hormel Foods State Farm
Anheuser-Busch IBM Sun Life Financial
Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals LP Ingersoll-Rand Company TCF Banking
AZCO Inc. Intel Corporation Thrivent Financial
Baird Jewelers Mutual Association Time Warner
Boeing Company Johnson & Johnson Toro Company
BMO Harris Bancorp J.P. Morgan Chase Towers Watson
BP Kaplan University Toyota
Daktronics Kimberly Clark Trane
Delta Airlines Merck & Co. Inc. Unilever
Domtar Mutual of Omaha U.S. Bank
Ernst & Young Nationwide Insurance Vanguard Group
Fitch Ratings Inc. Northwestern Mutual WE Energies
Fuji Film PepsiCo WGN Television
General Electric Principle Financial Wells Fargo
Harley-Davidson SAP Labs LLC  3M
Home Depot Sentry Insurance  Allstate

Our faculty and staff can choose payroll deduction as a method of direct payment by downloading the Payroll Deduction Authorization_2021 pdf.

The form requires your signature.


Annual gifts help UWL compete for the brightest and best students, recruit and retain well-qualified faculty and staff, expand student research opportunities, provide new technology, and much more.

What is monthly giving?
You can easily make your gift to UWL in regular monthly installments from your credit card or checking/savings account.  

How does this help UWL?
Monthly contributions provide the University with an on-going, reliable source of funding. Gifts made through this program reduce our administrative costs and allow more of each gift to be used immediately to support UWL's top priorities. Monthly gifts are also "greener" by cutting down on paper and gas and emissions produced by mailings

How does this help you?
Enrolling in the program means you won't have to worry about writing and sending a check. Also, the number of phone and mail reminders you receive from UWL will decrease. If you choose to allow deductions to continue from year to year, you will be counted among UWL's most loyal and valued donors. 

Monthly Giving also allows you to make your yearly contribution at a leadership level because your gift is divided into manageable monthly increments. Monthly amounts may need to be adjusted during the first year if enrollment begins after July to ensure the desired giving level is achieved. The University's fiscal year is July 1-June 30. 

How can I set up a monthly gift?
Select "I want to make a monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring gift" from the Giving Options section. 

A record of each gift will appear on your bank or credit card statement and you will receive an annual receipt from UWL in January for your tax records.

Please remember to contact the Foundation when you close accounts, change banks or get an updated expiration date on your credit card.

Enroll in monthly giving and guarantee your support for UWL every year!

Questions? If you have questions or would like to increase, decrease or terminate your monthly giving, please call 608.785.8489 or email

The Foundation may also accept gifts of real estate after careful review and assessment by the Board of Directors. Like gifts of securities, a gift of appreciated real estate may also result in additional income tax and capital gains tax savings for the donor.

A gift of real estate with a fair market value greater than $5,000 will only be accepted with a qualified independent appraisal, submitted by the donor. A Phase I environmental impact study may also be needed, depending on the nature of the property.

Because of the importance and complexities of a gift of real estate, please contact the UWL Foundation at 608.785.8489 for more information.

Gifts of securities often confer significant tax benefits to the donor. A contribution of appreciated securities, which have been held by the donor for more than one year, is generally deductible at market value, regardless of the cost basis. In addition, the tax on the capital gains is avoided through such a gift. A gift of any type of security shall be receipted on the date of delivery (for hand or mail deliveries) or day of transfer (for electronic).

  1. Publicly-traded Securities

A gift of securities that are regularly traded on one of the public stock exchanges can be coordinated at any time. The value of the gift will be determined by taking the average of the highest and lowest selling prices quoted for the security on the day of the gift.

When making a gift of publicly-traded securities to UWL, first please contact the UWL Foundation at 608.785.8489. Electronic and other forms of transfer can be arranged.

        2. Closely-held Securities

With the approval of the Foundation, shares of securities in entities that have been organized for profit-making purposes but are not publicly traded may also be accepted. Gifts of closely-held securities of $10,000 or less may be valued at the per-share cash purchase price of the most recent transaction. Gifts exceeding $10,000 will be reported at the fair market value as determined by a qualified independent appraiser as required by the IRS.

           3. Mutual Funds

The Foundation is also able to accept gifts of shares in mutual funds. Please contact the Foundation at 608.785.8489 for the details.

The Foundation may accept gifts of tangible personal property (collections, automobiles, machinery, etc.) after careful consideration and approval by the Board of Directors. A gift of tangible personal property believed to have a value of more than $5,000 cannot be accepted without a qualified independent appraisal as required by IRS. Gifts under $5,000 may be reported at the value declared by the donor or placed on them by a qualified expert.

Gifts of tangible personal property which serve the needs, purposes and priorities of the University are especially encouraged. Please contact the UWL Foundation at 608.785.8489 for more information on arranging a gift of tangible personal property.

Contributions in memory or in honor of an individual, business or organization are considered memorial gifts.  

  • Memorial and Honor Fund

    Contributions in memory or in honor of an individual, business or organization ("memorials"), which are not designated for an already established Named Fund, are not by themselves large enough to create a new Named Fund ($25,000), or are directed to a Named Fund that did not reach the level required for administration as a separate fund ($25,000), will be received, maintained and pooled into a single endowment fund known as "The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Memorial and Honor Fund." 

    Annually, the available earnings from that fund will be used for general student scholarships at UW-La Crosse. Selection of scholarship recipients by the UWL Foundation Scholarship Committee will be based on the current needs of students and the general policies of the university and the Foundation at that time. Although earnings from the fund are used for general scholarships, each contribution represents principal which remains recorded and identified with its specific name.

    When memorials for a name reach a total of $1,000, that name will be placed on a permanent plaque to be displayed with others so honored and recognized.

    When memorials for a name reach a total of $25,000, then a Named Fund may be established and scholarships or awards will be made on an annual basis in memory or honor of that name.

  • Tribute gifts

    A tribute gift may also be a great way to support a cause that they believe in. Your gift can establish an endowment, award a one-time scholarship in their name, or help fund other projects at UW-La Crosse.

  • University Memorial Gazebo

    The University recognizes the interest in and longstanding practice of memorializing faculty, staff and students upon their death. Campus history shows a variety of small plaques, memorial gardens, rocks and trees that have been dedicated to colleagues lost. However, time shows that there is significant expense in maintaining and replacing these items. It is therefore recommended that memorials gifts be made to the Foundation in the form of scholarship support for students or operating support for the impacted program.

    Small plaques (name, role and year) are placed in this gazebo to honor the memory of students, faculty and staff who die while engaged in educational or career activities at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Arrangements are coordinated through Facilities Management.

  • Obituary and notification

    We suggest the following language, which can be tailored to your needs:
    Memorial contributions may be made through the UWL Foundation. Please direct your contributions to (fund of your choice) in memory of (the name of your friend or loved one). Visit or send a gift to UWL Foundation, 615 East Avenue N., La Crosse, WI 54601.


    In addition to the letter of thanks we send to donors, we are also happy to send notifications to the family on a monthly basis when a donor has made a gift in honor or remembrance of your friend or loved one.

    Contact for this service.