Campus philanthropy

What is philanthropy?

the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.
Over $1.2 million is awarded each spring in student scholarships
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...UWL - the campus, faculty, and students - benefit because of the generosity of donors. UWL needs philanthropy to be successful.

...Alumni and friends who want to support UWL do so through gifts to the UWL Foundation. 

...The UWL Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code. Gifts to the UWL Foundation are tax deductible.

...Gifts to the UWL Foundation ensure that donations deliver maximum benefits to UWL because the stay in La Crosse and are administered by the UWL Foundation.

...UWL Advancement is located in the Cleary Center and made up of the Alumni Association and Foundation. Together, they work to develop mutually beneficial, lifelong relationships that enhance enrollment and private support for UWL.

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Philanthropy at UWL can be seen in many ways:

  • Over 950 students are awarded scholarships each spring. These awards are made entirely possible through gifts to UWL from donors and friends. Awards are available based on need, merit and criteria that the donor selects. UWL awards over $1.2 million each spring in student scholarships.
  • Building, program, and equipment support throughout campus.
  • Buildings on campus:
    • Hoeschler Clock Tower was constructed thanks to Janet Hoeschler, UWL class of 1940.
    • Centennial Hall was made possible in part through gifts from alumni and friends in 2011.
    • Roger Harring Stadium and Veterans Memorial Sports Complex was funded in large part with faculty and staff, students and alumni support.
    • Veteran's Memorial Hall of Honor was dedicated in 2009 and erected thanks to donors. 
    • Cleary Alumni & Friends Center: The Cleary family's gifts made the 1995 construction possible. 
1 in 9 students benefit from scholarships provided by donors through the UWL Foundation
In the past year over 4,00 alumni and friends made gifts to UWL