When Will GEO and ESC Courses Be Offered Next?

Many courses rotate: some are offered every semester, others are offered each fall or spring, while a few come around every other year! See Geography and Earth Science's Course Descriptions page to obtain the sequence information for a particular GEO or ESC course (at the end of the course description). You can also view the course rotation below or reach out to your academic advisor if you have questions about when a course might be taught next. 

F Fall S Spring
Su Summer W Winter
O Occasionally A Annually
AY Alternate Years F - Odd Fall, Odd Years
S- Odd Spring, Odd Years F- Even Fall, Even Years
Course Course Name Offered
ESC 101 Earth Environments F, S
GEO 102 Maps and Society F, S
GEO 110 World Cultural Regions F, S
GEO 200 Conservation of Global Environments F, S, Su
GEO 202 Contemporary Global Issues F, S
GEO 211 Global Climate Change F, S, Su
ESC 221 Weather and Climate F
ESC 222 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms S
GEO 305 Geographic Information Systems and Science I (GISS I) F, S
GEO 307 Power, Space and Global Change F
GEO 309 Urban Geography F - Odd
GEO 310 Transportation Geography F - Even
GEO 318 The Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean S - Even
GEO 321 Sustainable Development and Conservation S
GEO 335 Islamic Asia: Cradle of Civilizations, Geographies of Conflict S - Odd
GEO 340 Earth's Polar Regions F - Even
GEO 401 Focus on Geography: A Capstone Course F, S
GEO 405 Geographic Information System and Science II (GISS II) F, S
GEO 408 Teaching and Learning History and Social Studies in the Secondary School F, S
GEO 410 Geospatial Field Methods F
GEO 412 Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems O
GEO 415 Remote Sensing of the Environment I F
GEO 418 Map Design and Geovisualization F
GEO 422 Meteorology S
GEO 425 Biogeography F - Odd
GEO 427 Sustainable Water Resource Management F - Odd
GEO 428 Past Environmental Change S - Even
GEO 430 River Systems S - Odd
GEO 440 Geographic Interpretation of Aerial Photographs O
GEO 445 Remote Sensing of the Environment II S
GEO 450 Internship in Geography and Earth Science F, S, Su
GEO 455 Web Mapping S
GEO 460 Environmental Hazards F - Even
GEO 465 Scripting in GIS O
GEO 470 Special Topics in Geography/Earth Science O
GEO 476 Geography/Earth Science Topics for Teachers O
GEO 485 Geographic Information System and Science III S
GEO 490 Independent Study F, W, S, Su
GEO 495 Seminar in Geography/Earth Science O
GEO 499 Undergraduate Research F, W, S, Su