Paleoenvironmental lab equipment


  • Malvern Mastersizer 2000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer (photo)
  • Bruker TRACER III-V+ portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer (photo)
  • Bartington  MS2 magnetic susceptibility meter with core logging sensors 
  • Genesys 10 UV-VIS spectrophotometer (photo)
  • Centrifuge Thermo Scientific Sorvall Biofuge Prima centrifuge
  • Nikon SMZ-1500 stereomicroscope with oblique illumination stand and fiber optic light source (0.75x to 11.25x zoom range) (photo)
  • Nikon Eclipse CiL phase contrast microscope with LED illumination (10x, 20x, 40x and 100x objectives)
  • Nikon DS-Fi2 color digital camera system
  • In addition, the department houses 12 Nikon Eclipse E100 compound microscopes (4x-100x objectives) and 12 Nikon SMZ-745 stereomicroscopes used mainly for teaching purposes, but when available, may be used for undergraduate research projects.


  • Nikon NIS-Elements D
  • ArcGIS
  • SigmaPlot
  • Canoco
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite



Soils lab equipment

  • Large capacity drying ovens (2) (photo)
  • Large capacity muffle furnace (2) (photo)
  • Fumehood for sample preparation and chemical analyses (photo)
  • SPEX SamplePrep Mixer/Mill 8000D (photo)
  • Thermo Scientific IEC CL10 centrifuge (photo)
  • In addition, the soils and paleoenvironmental labs have standard supplies for physical and chemical analyses, including: desktop computers, glassware, pipettes, pH meters, analytical balances, sieve sets, a sieve shaker, and a reciprocating shaker.




Field lab equipment

Terrestrial and Aquatic Mapping Equipment

  • Leica ScanStation terrestrial LiDAR scanner (photo)
  • Topcon GTS 250 series total stations with field controllers (3) (photo)
  • Trimble GeoXH 6000 centimeter accuracy differential GNSS receiver (2)
  • Trimble GeoXT 3000 sub-meter accuracy differential GPS receiver (photo)
  • Trimble NetR5 Reference Station
  • TruPulse 200 Rangefinder/Hypsometer with Bluetooth (3)
  • Nikon Forestry PRO Rangefinder/Hypsometer
  • SyQwest HydroBox dual frequency Echo Sounder
  • Dell XFR rugged field computer
  • Garmin handheld GPS units

Flow Meters

  • RiverRay Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
  • Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter with depth capability

Lake Coring Equipment

  • Livingstone piston corers (2)
  • Bolivia corer
  • HTH gravity corer (photo)
  • Russian peat corer
  • Peat auger
  • Wildco Hand Core Sediment Sampler
  • Ekman dredge


  • 8’ Zodiac raft (2) (photo)
  • Cataraft coring platform
  • 16’ flat bottom with surface drive motor for shallow water

Soil Coring Equipment

  • JMC Environmentalist 2 cm Subsoil Probe
  • JMC Environmentalist 3 cm Subsoil Probe
  • AMS Soil Auger Kit
  • Oakfield soil probes

Other Major Equipment

  • Hach Hydrolab Quanta Multiparameter Sonde (Temp, DO, Cond, pH, Turbidity)
  • Turf-Tec IN-W double ring infiltrometer with mariotte tubes (2)
  • Turf-Tec IN2-W double ring infiltrometer (4)
  • Hand-held spectral radiometer

In addition, the field lab has standard supplies for supporting field analyses, including: a desktop computer, field tapes, Brunton pocket transits, Suunto sighting compasses and clinomters, shovels, field sieves, various water samplers, various water quality meters, waders, and life jackets.

Other Equipment

  • Emriver Em2 stream table with color-coded-by-size media and cameras (2)
  • Weather station