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Teaching and Research Field Equipment

Geography students have access to advanced field equipment for terrestrial and aquatic field mapping as well as obtaining soil and water samples. Students gain hands-on experience using the field equipment in physical geography and earth science courses, as well as in undergraduate research. Additional field equipment is available through collaborators in the UWL River Studies Center and the UWL Archaeological Studies Program.

If you have any questions about use of the field equipment, please contact Dr. Colin Belby or Dr. Joan Bunbury

Field Equipment in 1003 Prairie Springs
Field Equipment in 1005 Prairie Springs
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Terrestrial and Aquatic Mapping Equipment expanding section
  • Leica ScanStation terrestrial LiDAR scanner (photo)
  • Topcon GTS 250 series total stations with field controllers (3) (photo)
  • Trimble GeoXH 6000 centimeter accuracy differential GNSS receiver (2)
  • Trimble GeoXT 3000 sub-meter accuracy differential GPS receiver (photo)
  • Trimble NetR5 Reference Station
  • TruPulse 200 Rangefinder/Hypsometer with Bluetooth (3)
  • Nikon Forestry PRO Rangefinder/Hypsometer
  • SyQwest HydroBox dual frequency Echo Sounder
  • Dell XFR rugged field computer
  • Garmin handheld GPS units
Flow Meters expanding section
  • RiverRay Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
  • Hach FH950 Handheld Flow Meter with depth capability
Lake Coring Equipment expanding section
  • Livingstone piston corers (2)
  • Bolivia corer
  • HTH gravity corer (photo)
  • Ekman dredge
Boats expanding section
  • 8’ Zodiac raft (2) (photo)
  • Cataraft coring platform (photo)
  • 16’ flat bottom with surface drive motor for shallow water
Soil Coring Equipment expanding section
  • JMC Environmentalist 2 cm Subsoil Probe
  • JMC Environmentalist 3 cm Subsoil Probe
  • AMS Soil Auger Kit
  • Oakfield soil probes
  • Russian peat corer
  • Peat auger
  • Wildco Hand Core Sediment Sampler
Other Major Equipment expanding section
  • Hach Hydrolab Quanta Multiparameter Sonde (Temp, DO, Cond, pH, Turbidity)
  • Turf-Tec IN-W double ring infiltrometer with mariotte tubes (2)
  • Turf-Tec IN2-W double ring infiltrometer (4)
  • Hand-held spectral radiometer