Hiring Students for Research Project

Dr. Chaudhuri is looking to hire students for a research project titled: Detection of aquatic invasive plants using deep learning based semantic segmentation approach. For more information or to apply, contact Dr. Chaudhuri.

Hiring Flyer for GEO/ESC Research Project

Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Dr. Joan Bunbury is looking to recruit up to two students who are interested in gaining experience in undergraduate research. For more information, please contact Dr. Bunbury.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity with Dr. Bunbury

Deadline for Geography and Earth Science Scholarships Approaching

Geography and Earth Science Scholarships Deadline: April 15, 2021

The deadline for Geography and Earth Science scholarships through the UWL Foundation is February 15, 2021

Our department offers over ten scholarships with monetary amounts that vary and range from $325 to $1,500. You can view the available scholarships and their requirements on the department's website, or on the UWL Foundation website (search for "Geography").  UWL Foundation scholarships are awarded in late Spring and the funds will be applied the following Fall.

Included in the available scholarships is the $1,500 Prairie Springs Unpaid Internship Grant. If you are registered for academic credit in an unpaid internship, we would strongly recommend that you look into this opportunity.

 We hope that you will consider applying for one or several of the available scholarships and please feel free to reach out to your academic advisor or faculty mentor if you have any questions.

Overseas Adventure on the Island of Zanzibar

Dr. Sambu and Students Studying Abroad in Zanzibar A student studying seaweed farming in Zanzibar

Dr. Daniel Sambu and CSH students traveled to Zanzibar as part of the 2018 and 2019 Tanzania Study Abroad Program.

The Zanzibar Archipelago, located about 35 miles off the Tanzanian mainland in the Indian Ocean, contains the islands of Unguja, Pemba, and several other small islands. The Archipelago has rich marine resources that form the backbone for socioeconomic and cultural values for the inhabitants.

Despite these resources, the majority of people live in poverty due to many factors, including climate change and conflicts with tourism. The students joined women’s groups to learn about the seaweed farming process, the benefits, and the related challenges.

For more information, please check out the article in the CSH Winter Newsletter!

Taylor Prill Wins First Place for WLDAAG Poster

Taylor Prill ('20) won first prize ($100) for her undergraduate research poster that was presented virtually at the West Lakes Division of the American Association of Geographers (WLDAAG) on November 13, 2020. Her research, conducted with Dr. Joan Bunbury, is titled, "Loss-on-ignition analysis to service organic and carbonate content of a lake sediment core, southeast Wisconsin."

Congratulations, Taylor!

Taylor Prill with Her First-Place Poster

Deadline for Poehling Memorial Scholarship: November 6, 2020

Ryan Poehling Memorial Scholarship Flyer 2020

Welcome Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam and Ryan Good to UW-La Crosse

We are excited to welcome Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam and Ryan Good as Associate Lecturers in the Department of Geography and Earth Science. 

Dr. Islam joins the department after recently defending his dissertation, "A synoptic approach to the south Asian monsoon climate" at Kent State. Dr. Islam will be teaching the following courses in the Fall:

  • ESC 101: Earth Environments lecture and lab
  • ESC 221: Weather and Climate lecture and lab

Ryan Good comes to UWL from the University of Florida, where he will defend his dissertation this fall. He specializes in the areas of human-environment geographies; sustainable development; environmental justice, and environmental science and Earth science system. Ryan will teach the following courses in the Fall:

  • GEO 102: Maps & Society
  • GEO 110: World Cultural Regions
  • GEO 202: Contemporary Global Issues in Sustainability & Environmental Science

Geography & Earth Science kudos

Niti Mishra

Niti Mishra, Geography & Earth Science, presented "Drone Imagery and Technology for Environmental Monitoring and Assessment" at NORTHERN AREA GIS USER GROUP MEETING on Nov. 16 online.

Submitted on: Nov. 23

Brenda Leahy, Michele Nauman, Kalia Vang, Ana Mendoza, Corey Sjoquist, Kaylie Connaughty, Heather Dutcher, Britney Heineman, Jake Speer, Maren Walz, Michael Abler, Renee Redman, Zac Knutson, Dawn Hays, Mark Sandheinrich, Ashley Jochimsen, Ryan Friesen, Samuel Schmidt, Meredith Thomsen, Ka Lia Smith, John Kelly, James Longhurst, Natalie Solverson, Christine Manno, Suzanne Anglehart, Anthony Chergosky, Regina Goodnow, Sean Hurtubise, Sandra Grunwald, Betsy Morgan, Nathan Barnhart, Jeff Keenan, Vitaliano Figueroa, Kara Ostlund and Kyle Burke

Brenda Leahy, Michele Nauman and Kalia Vang, all Academic Advising Center & Career Services; Ana Mendoza and Corey Sjoquist, both Admissions; Kaylie Connaughty, Heather Dutcher, Britney Heineman, Jake Speer and Maren Walz, all Advancement; Michael Abler and Renee Redman, both Biology; Zac Knutson, Budget Office; Dawn Hays, Campus Child Center; Mark Sandheinrich, College of Science & Health; Ashley Jochimsen, Counseling & Testing; Ryan Friesen, English; Samuel Schmidt, Exercise & Sport Science; Meredith Thomsen, Extended Learning; Ka Lia Smith, Financial Aid; John Kelly, Geography & Earth Science; James Longhurst, History; Natalie Solverson, Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning; Christine Manno, Management; Suzanne Anglehart, Microbiology; Anthony Chergosky, Regina Goodnow and Sean Hurtubise, all Political Science & Public Administration; Sandra Grunwald and Betsy Morgan, both Provost's Office; Nathan Barnhart and Jeff Keenan, both Rec Sports; Vitaliano Figueroa, Student Affairs; Kara Ostlund, Student Life; and Kyle Burke, University Centers; served Verification Tent Staffing during Move In Week. THANK YOU to the many staff and faculty who greeted students and their families at the Verification Tent during Residence Life Move In Week. These welcoming faces helped ensure those who are vaccinated are recorded as such and those who are not vaccinated had completed a negative COVID test prior to move in. We could not have completed this large task without their assistance. They have helped keep our community healthy and contributed to the campus-wide endeavor of welcoming students back to campus.

Submitted on: Sept. 13

Gargi Chaudhuri and Niti Mishra

Gargi Chaudhuri and Niti Mishra, both Geography & Earth Science, co-authored the article "Quantifying heterogeneous monsoonal melt on a debris-covered glacier in Nepal Himalaya using repeat uncrewed aerial system (UAS) photogrammetry" in Journal of Glaciology and was accepted for publication by Cambridge University Press. This article was written in collaboration with Evan S. Miles (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research WSL) and Kumar Mainali (University of Maryland). NM's research in Nepal is supported by a 2017-2018 Faculty Research Grant and support from the River Studies Center.

Submitted on: Aug. 25

Niti Mishra

Niti Mishra, Geography & Earth Science, presented "Fine-scale characterization of vegetation phenology in a North American Prairie using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) imagery" at Wisconsin Space Conference on Friday, Aug. 13 online.

Submitted on: Aug. 13

Niti Mishra

Niti Mishra, Geography & Earth Science, presented "The Potential of Satellite Remote Sensing for Delineating Coldwater Streams in the Driftless Region of NE Iowa" at The Mississippi River Research Consortium on Friday, April 23 online.

Submitted on: April 23

2019 Geographic Information Science Poster Competition Winners

1st Place Sophie Pitney and Carly Martinco
2nd Place Jeff Henderson
Honorable Mention Carly Martinco and Gabrielle Geller

2019 Geographic Information Science Poster Competition Winner

Thanks to all who participated in making this a successful event.


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Display of student work from John Kelly's "Great Cities" First Year Seminar (FYS 100)