In today's global marketplace, it's becoming more and more important to distinguish yourself from the crowd and maximize your marketability to potential employers. Geography allows you to follow your passion for studying and understanding the natural world and gain employable skills.

Jenna DeShaney, '18

Geography: Environmental Science

"I work at a national consulting firm as an Environmental Scientist. I apply many of the disciplines I've learned at UWL to my career, including field work techniques and GIS."

Taylor Prill, '20

Geography: Environmental Science

"UWL has provided me with the strong foundation in research, planning and knowledge needed to be where I am today."

Career Opportunities

There are hundreds of occupations that require knowledge of and skills in Geography and Earth Science, and the diversity of career opportunities continues to grow every year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for geographers was $81,970 in 2019. Even the lowest paid 25% of Geographers made $63,300 annually, far exceeding the median wages for all income earners.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Median wages are for 2019. Projected growth is for the period 2018-2028; 

Job Title Median Wages Projected Growth
Geospatial Information Scientists (GIS) and Technologists $88,500 7-10%
Geospatial Data Technicians $51,130 7-10%
Remote Sensing Technicians $50,550 7-10%
Environmental Scientists and Specialists $71,360 7-10%
Urban and Regional Planners $74,350 11% or higher
Cartographers and Photogrammetrists $65,470 11% or higher
Transportation Planner $83,330 4-6%

Additional information about careers in Geography, including wage and growth data, can be found at the American Association of Geographers' Jobs and Careers Page. You are also encouraged to discuss careers with Geography and Earth Science Faculty. See where Geography and Earth Science alumni are working by joining the department's LinkedIn group. Receive job announcements by joining the department's Google Group by contacting Anita Willis-Frels

Make sure to visit the UWL Career Services website to find helpful information for your job search.

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