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Service and outreach

For four weeks in early summer 2017, UWL Geography Professor John Kelly will teach World Cultural Regions (GEO 110) in the historic and fun city of Galway, Ireland, as part of UWL’s study abroad program at the National University of Ireland. Students in Dr. Kelly’s course will also enroll in UWL Sociology Professor Tim Gongaware’s Introduction to Sociology course. For Kelly, this is a return to his roots – no, not because of his Irish surname, but because he spent a semester at the same university in 1990, as an undergraduate geography major. Since 1990, Ireland’s economy developed quickly, then partly declined. The western coastal region is the ideal place for students to learn about rural and urban landscape change, the geographies of language and music, recent trends in immigration and globalization, and Ireland’s links to the European Union (highlighted by the nearby United Kingdom’s recent decision to leave the EU).   More Information and Facebook


The Geography and Earth Science Department is proud to work with and support the UW-La Crosse Vermicomposting project.  Vermicomposting is an innovative method of composting using worms to drastically reduce the amount of food waste on campus.  For more information visit the UW-La Crosse sustainability page.