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Obtaining internship credit (Fall, Spring, or Summer) through the psychology department.**
Step 1: Decide on the type of experience/credit you wish to obtain PSY309; PSY450; CEI450; or CYC450 - comparison chart.

Please be aware that there are mandatory class meetings (2-6) associated with PSY309, PSY450, CYC450, and CEI450.

Step 2: If you decide on PSY309 - enroll in the course during regular registration. Juniors are encouraged to take PSY309 prior to a PSY450 internship. 

Step 3: If you decide on PSY/CEI or CYC450, you need a minimum GPA of 2.25 and junior standing. There are several steps:

Step 3.1: ALL "450" courses start with Career Services (Centennial Hall). To initiate the process of setting up an internship you MUST attend or complete an online internship workshop at Career Services. They will work with you to set up a placement file and to select a site. Many of the placements are in demand, so you might have to "compete" for a spot. 

Step 3.2: REGISTERING FOR CREDIT. Once you have selected a site to which you you are applying, you will need to physically go to Career Services to activate the online authorization process associated with registering for credit. This process will include providing Career Services with your UWL email address, the site for which you were selected, and a description of responsibilities. This will initiate the online process for credit approval/registration. You will still need to be interviewed and/or approved by the site organization.

Step 3.3: You will receive an email from Dr, Casey Tobin requiring you to provide a 1-page essay regarding your placement. You will submit this to Dr. Tobin via email prior to approval.

The essay is a response to the following: Please elaborate how the work you will be doing in your internship is directly related to the field of psychology. If you are submitting for a CYC450 internships, please emphasize how the placement is directly related to at-risk children/families.

Step 3.4: Once the online process has been approved by Dr. Tobin, the information will automatically be forwarded to Career Services and you will be enrolled in the course. Please allow a maximum of 2 weeks for the course to appear on your class schedule after the final approval.


**This is the information for securing a psychology internship. If your major requires an internship, you can enroll in an internship through your department. If you take this route, you must receive approval that the internship is gerontology relevant.

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We are in the process of developing relationships with more community organizations for internship experiences. If you are a student in the psychology department, there are a few internships already in place that have a focus on adults and aging.