Graduate faculty

Dan Duquette Profile of Dan Duquette Office hours
124 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas:

Assessment/Evaluation, Data Analysis/Statistics, Environmental Health,  Research, Male Health, Sleep/Sleep Education.

Gary Gilmore Profile of Gary Gilmore
201 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas: Public Health Epidemiology; Family Health and Wellness; Cancer Prevention and Early Detection; Psychological Type and Preference; Community-Based Participatory Research; Global Health Issues.
Robert Jecklin Profile of Robert Jecklin
Assistant Professor
205 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas:
  • Health Aspects of Aging
  • Community-based Primary Care, Managed Care, State Health Departments, and Voluntary Health Agencies.
  • Research Interests: Retelling human stories of health-related learning.
Michele Pettit Profile of Michele Pettit
Associate Professor
207 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas:

Mental and emotional health to include stress and coping, violence and injury prevention, health risk behaviors, health disparities, teaching strategies, and professional preparation

Keely Rees Profile of Keely Rees
217 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas: Women’s Health (pregnancy, exercise, maternal & child health) Adolescent Health Behaviors; Nutrition Education; Foundations of Health Education.
Karen Skemp Profile of Karen Skemp
Associate Professor
212 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas: Nutrition and performance, Alternative Nutrition, Nutrition education, Body Image and eating patterns across various populations, Fitness Across the Lifespan.
Katie Wagoner Profile of Katie Wagoner
Associate Lecturer
204 Mitchell Hall
Specialty areas: Nutrition and weight management, work site wellness, health and wellness coaching, program planning, maternal and infant health