The Preceptorship (CHE 780) is a 400 hour practical experience in Community Health Education. It is meant to be a time of service and innovation to the agency, as well as, a significant learning opportunity for the candidate.

Major Goals

  • To enable the candidate to apply realistically the knowledge and skills attained in the MS CHLTH [formerly MS CHE] or the MPH CHE Program to specific practical community health education issues at an agency
  • Practical service to the agency
  • Better student preparation for future employment and/or advanced education

Selecting a site

The most important element in selecting a setting is the availability of a competent Preceptor (on-site supervisor) in alignment with the candidate’s area of interest. This person will be the student’s mentor during the Preceptorship experience, directing work activities, and evaluating progress toward individual, agency, and University goals. Each student is required to develop a Proposal of Involvement for the experience.

Fall, Spring, or Summer Preceptorship

Most Preceptorship experiences occur in the third or fourth semesters. This field training experience will be offered during the Fall and Spring semesters, and, in special instances, during Summer Sessions. Special on-site arrangements, due to unusual circumstances, can be arranged with the agency Preceptor. However, the minimum of 400 hours still must be maintained. A preceptorship may be split between semesters.

Precetorship locations*

The experience includes, but is not limited to, those agencies which employ Community Health Educators.

  • State and county health departments
  • Medical facilities
  • Corporate and industrial sites
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Voluntary agencies
  • Government agencies
  • International Preceptorship experiences are possible

In these types of settings, students will have an opportunity to experience some of the Community Health Education processes.

*A list of previous preceptorship sites is available upon request.