Final project/thesis

A thesis is optional in the Masters of Exercise Science: Human Performance

Students that are interested in research have 2 options: They may do a thesis project or an independent study. It is recommended that any student that is considering continuing on for a Ph.D. seriously consider doing a thesis to prepare them for future work at the doctoral level. 

Recent research done by graduate students in the Graduate Program in Human Performance:

  • The effects of running volume in training on muscle damage, muscle soreness, and recovery after a marathon: An observational study
  • The effects of training load on indicators of recovery and injury occurrence in collegiate women volleyball players
  • Acute effects of an arginine-based supplement on metabolic, ventilatory, and electromyographic indicators of fatigue
  • Accuracy of predicting ventilatory threshold by breathing rate during graded exercise testing using Zephyr Bioharness
  • Physiological responses of tennis players to four different methods of running repeated 80 meter sprints with varying number of 1800 changes of  direction
  • Development of a non-motorized treadmill anaerobic power and capacity test
  • The effect of moderate exercise induced dehydration on cognitive performance on the ImPACT test in collegiate wrestlers
  • Development of a wrestling specific conditioning test using weighted sandbags
  • Comparison of the power development between the hang clean, hang jump-shrug, and hang high pull exercises
  • The Role of Fatigue in Power Training of College Gymnasts 
  • Is the isometric mid-thigh pull a good test to monitor dynamic measures of lower body strength and power training?
  • The Effects of Kinesio® Tape on Strength and Activation of the Middle Deltoid Muscle                      
  • Predicting lower body power from vertical jump prediction equations for loaded jump squats
  • Gluteal activation and jump performance                               
  • Evaluating the relationship between swimming power and 50 m freestyle performance
  • Determining the reliability and validity of the basketball lane agility test
  • Effects of hip abductor fatigue on single leg landing mechanics     
  • Upper body muscular strength ratio and development of power  
  • Effects of a sports performance training program on adolescent athletes.                                                               
  • Effects of Beta alanine supplementation on sprint endurance
  • Comparison of blood ammonia and lactate response to different squat protocols
  • The effects of creatine supplementation on repeat sprint running power 
  • The effects of beta alanine on repeat sprint performance               
  • The effects of static stretching on throwing velocity and accuracy in collegiate baseball players   
  • Effect of Static Stretching, Dynamic Stretching& Warm-up on Range of Motion & Vert. Jump
  • Placebo effect in sprint performance                        
  • The effect of training pattern on performance in swimming                                           
  • Anthropometrics and Running Economy
  • The effects of warm-up, dynamic, and static stretching on power, agility and acceleration
  • Rapidity of sensing metabolic disturbances during hypoxic exercise
  • A comparison between back squat exercise and vertical jump kinematics: Implications for diagnosing ACL injury risk