Financial support

Graduate Assistantships

Students applying to the Human Performance Program may also apply for a Graduate Assistantship. Graduate Assistants may work in the UWL Sports Performance  Center, Athletic Training, or the student may be assigned in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science (teaching undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology laboratories, Fitness/Health Promotion, CPR, activity classes, etc.)

Graduate assistantships involve  about 14 hours (.33 appointment) of weekly professional responsibilities. The current salary for assistants with 33% appointments for the academic year (9 months) is approximately $6,648. Graduate assistants receive a monthly paycheck. Health fringe benefits are also part of the assistantship award. There is no in-state tuition waiver if an assistantship is awarded.

A limited number of out-of-state tuition waivers are also available on a competitive basis. Wisconsin has tuition reciprocity with Minnesota. All students, including those receiving out-of-state tuition waivers, must pay in-state tuition and fees.


To apply  for a Graduate Assistantship, complete the Graduate Assistant Application form
and follow further instructions for applying for a Graduate Assistantship (Sports Performance Center or Anatomy & Physiology Labs) at


First Review for Graduate Assistantship application

February 1