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Exercise Program for Adults with Neurologic Disorders



EXPAND is a program that links Physical Therapy Education with a community need to provide adults with neurological disorders a place to learn how to maximize their health and wellness.  Community members with Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, balance disorders, and those recovering from stroke or head injury are eligible to participate.

Participants work with PT students under the supervision of a faculty member to develop and implement a physical activity program designed to meet goals for health and optimal function.  This collaborative learning model links the medical centers with local academic institutions (UW-La Crosse Physical Therapy Program and Western Technical College Physical Therapist Assistant Program).

EXPAND is offered each semester (September – December and February – May) at the Health Science Center on the UW-La Crosse campus. The program is held twice a week and includes individual or group-based activities.  Core components of EXPAND consist of aerobic exercise, strength training, and balance/coordination training. 

Students collect data on outcome measures at the beginning of each semester and again at the end of the semester and summary changes for each participant.  Data are also compiled to evaluate the effectiveness of this community based program for adults with neurological disorders.  



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Additional photos of students working with EXPAND participants