General Overview

  • 16 week full time internship
  • Supervised by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
  • Helps the individual transition from student to professional
  • Helps the individual develop applied professional competence

Specifics concerning the TR internship

General Guidelines

  • The internship experience is a sixteen-week field placement between the student, an approved agency site with a CTRS supervisor, and a university supervisor who is a Therapeutic Recreation (TR) faculty member.
  • The purpose of the experience is to develop interns' competence in the job tasks of a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist as a sitting requirement for  NCTRC's certification examination.
  • During the full-time field placement experience, students (a) complete a major project that benefits the agency, (b) send biweekly reports to their university supervisor, and (c) participate as a learning community in a bi-weekly electronic discussion forum. The Approved Site List is continually updated and posted on the TR bulletin board.
  • Students enroll with UWL's Career Services which provides password-protected postings of nationwide job vacancies during internship and the first year of employment, renewable by alumni at  /Career-Services/ .

Information for Agencies Who Want To Become An Approved Site

  • If you desire to supervise UW-La Crosse TR interns, please complete the  Internship Site Questionnaire  after you contact Dr. Susan 'BOON' Murray, Internship Coordinator to see if you meet preliminary requirements (at least two full-time CTRSs who have been in their position for at least two years, comprehensive program delivery, evidence of active involvement in professional organizations, and a planned arrangement to provide daily or weekly clinical supervision to interns beyond managerial supervision.)
  • To inquire about exceptions to these requirements, receive material for designing an internship program, or to become an approved site, contact  
    Tara DeLong.
  • Upon faculty acceptance of the application, an affiliation agreement must be negotiated ( Internship Affiliation Agreement ). The RMTR Department provides this standard affiliation agreement but will negotiate agency-derived agreements pending the UW-La Crosse risk manager's review.

Information for Prospective Interns

  • Students learn procedures and etiquette for securing internships in RTH 496 Orientation To Internship.
  • Each student applies to approved sites that match their interest in populations/settings, and secures a student contract.
  • Upon acceptance by an approved agency site, students complete three online copies of the  RTH 498 Internship Contract  or  RTH 700 Internship Contract  (Appendix H, TR Internship Manual). Signed contracts are forwarded to Dr. Murray, Internship Coordinator, for her signature and sent to the agency supervisor for signature with confirmation of the intern's dates for internship. All parties receive signed copies.

Information for Current Interns

  • The current syllabi are distributed electronically for RTH 498 Internship In Therapeutic Recreation or RTH 700 Internship In Therapeutic Recreation (Appendix C, TR Internship Manual). Students whose dates vary from the Checklist of Requirements and Due Dates in the syllabus are required to send an amended list to their university supervisor. To receive a passing grade for internship, all students are required to complete the Student Evaluation of Internship Experience  (Appendix K, TR Internship Manual) signed by the agency supervisor. These forms are placed in agency notebooks so that prospective interns can assess peers' experiences. Students are also required to complete the  Intern's Post-Internship Evaluation of the Therapeutic Recreation Curriculum  (Appendix L, TR Internship Manual) which is sent to a departmental graduate assistant for anonymous compilation. TR faculty utilize interns' feedback as program evaluation to assess how well coursework prepared students for internship and to improve the curriculum.

For more information about internship procedures, please contact Tara DeLong at 608.785.8203 or by email .