As a graduate student, you are eligible to serve on campus committees and to run for Student Association. You can also compete in our annual 3 Minute Grad Project competition. University involvement can be an important professional development experience during graduate school, so we encourage you to check out the opportunities listed below!

A graduate student speaks at a campus meeting
Graduate Student Organization expanding section

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) allows students from different programs to meet and network, while also advocating for their own program. We also provide professional development opportunities throughout the year. It is a great way to become an involved member of the UW-La Crosse community.

Watch the Grad Studies website for information about our meetings,  and email to get added to our email list. 

2020-21 GSO Chair

Colin McAlister profile pic

Colin McAllister

Graduate student, Microbiology

Colin is a second-year graduate student in Microbiology. Through his work with the Graduate Student Organization, he hopes to increase graduate student involvement on campus and online. When he’s not working in the office, Colin is working with Myxococcus xanthus, baking/cooking, playing videogames, and reading/listening to history.

Student Senate expanding section

The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the UWL Student Association. It seeks to provide a student voice by advocating for student rights and responsibilities, fostering leadership, communicating student issues, and demonstrating respect for diversity in our actions. 

Additionally, one graduate student senator typically serves on the UWL Academic Initiatives Differential Allocation Committee (AIDAC). This committee allocates differential tuition funds, which support the Graduate Studies Research, Service, and Educational Leadership grants. 

  • Two graduate students needed for annual appointments
  • Students can run for election in the fall, or, if vacancies exist, volunteer to be considered for appointment at any time
  • Contact the Student Association Vice President for more information

2019-2020 Graduate Student Senators

Abe Packard profile pic

Abe Packard


Senator Packard represents the Graduate Students at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. He is a second-year graduate student and is involved in research and teaches Biology 105 lab classes. Senator Packard’s is hoping to represent the graduate student body with thought.



Abe Packard profile pic

Mai Lee


Mai is a second-year student in the Student Affairs Administration (SAA) masters program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL). She currently has a graduate assistantship in academic advising at UWL and is also a member of the SAA Student Organization. As a Graduate Student Senator, Mai represents UWL graduate students. She hopes to increase the awareness of and support for graduate students at UWL, especially for graduate students who hold marginalized identities. 

Faculty Senate Committees expanding section

Graduate students are eligible to serve as members on a number of Faculty Senate committees. If you are considering a career as a professor or as a higher education professional, serving on a senate committee will broaden your understanding of the work of the university.

To volunteer, email Most committee assignments are made in the fall, but openings are sometimes available at other times of the year.

  • Graduate Academic Program Review Committee  develops and carries out the procedures and criteria used to review graduate programs at UWL. 
    • 1 graduate student needed for an annual appointment
    • Meeting time set by committee members
  • Graduate Council is the primary body on campus overseeing graduate policies and strategic planning. The Graduate Council also evaluates graduate student grants and hears petitions for exceptions to policies.
    • 2 graduate students needed for annual appointments
    • Meets every other Friday at 10 - 11 am
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee reviews and acts on proposals for changes to graduate curriculum, including changes to classes or the development of new academic programs.
    • 3 graduate students needed for annual appointments
    • Meets every other Tuesday at 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Library Committee Studies and recommends ways to improve library services and policies. 
    • 1 graduate student needed for an annual appointment
    • Meeting time set by committee members
  • Scholarship and Awards Committee Works with the UWL Foundation to screen applicants and select recipients for scholarships. 
    • 3 students needed for annual appointments, graduate students eligible
    • Spring semester only, meeting time set by committee members
  • Joint Planning and Budget Represents the university community in regards to planning and budget decisions. The committee makes recommendations to the Chancellor regarding budget proposals.
    • 1 graduate student needed for an annual appointment
    • Meets every other Wednesday at 1:15 - 2:15 pm 

According to the Faculty Senate Articles and Bylaws: 

“(d) Graduate student members for the Graduate Committee shall be selected by the graduate student body; (e) Other student members of faculty committees shall be elected to the committees by a method to be determined by the Student Senate.”

The Graduate Studies Office will work to identify students able to serve on these committees, and communicate that information to the UWLSA Vice President early in the fall semester. Student nominees may then be brought to Student Senate for approval.