Funding provided by Graduate Studies and the Student Senate is allocated to support attendance at conferences.  Each year there are 4 application deadlines. You must apply for travel funds prior to the deadline immediately preceeding your expected travel. Presentors may apply for support pending the acceptance of their abstracts.

CBA Faculty
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Use of Funds

Professional Travel Grant Funds may only be used toward the following expenses and must follow UWL Student Senate limitations for reimbursable amounts. Reimbursements will be dispersed prioritizing expenses in the listed order until awarded funds are exhausted:

1. Registration
2. Transportation
3. Meals (limited to $18.00/day as per Student Senate)
4. Housing (limited to $45/day as per Student Senate)

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Please note:

This information should serve as a general overview of the reimbursement process.  Students are responsible for review of and adherence to all UW-travel policies and reimbursement requirements in order to receive funding.