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Nominations due in College Dean’s Office:  last Friday in February

Award recommendations due from Deans to the Office of University Graduate Studies: four weeks from the date in February given above


Five Graduate Student Achievement Awards (two each for the College of Liberal Studies and the College of Science and Health, and one for the College of Business Administration) may be awarded annually and presented at the May Commencement Ceremony. Each college will determine its own procedures for selecting its nominee. A letter of nomination from the Graduate Program Director and/or major advisor addressing the criteria below and any supporting materials should be forwarded to the College Deans.  Late nominations will not be considered. 


  • Students eligible for the award must have completed or anticipate completing all degree requirements during the academic year of the award.
  • Criteria for the award include evidence of scholarly accomplishment beyond the completion of course work for the degree, including: Demonstration of excellence in completing thesis, seminar paper, or other culminating project; superior performance on comprehensive examinations; demonstration of excellence in academic or professional internship or practicum; involvement in research and other scholarly pursuits; and demonstration of leadership in the graduate program..
  • The Colleges will forward their award nominations to the Graduate Council (via the Office of Graduate Studies) no later than four weeks from the date in February given above.
  • A college may elect to make no award in any given year.