Mission, Vision, Values

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For more information please view Vision 2021, the Graduate Studies Strategic Plan.  This document served as the guiding force behind the development of our new mission.

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A graduate education at UW-La Crosse fosters in students an advanced understanding of disciplinary and professional content, along with skills such as collaboration, problem-solving, leadership, and communication. Graduate faculty and students embody the Wisconsin Idea by working together, often one-on-one or with community partners, on projects that serve the current needs of society. The close interactions between students and faculty promote student learning and benefit faculty members by enhancing their teaching, research and service. During their time at UW-La Crosse, students develop as ethical professionals and as members of a diverse workforce. Graduates are prepared to contribute to society by advancing in their professions or by seeking further education.



UW-La Crosse will be known for quality, innovation and value in graduate programs that serve the needs of Wisconsin and beyond. Graduate studies will be recognized as an integral part of the University mission, supporting and expanding upon the mission for undergraduate education. UW-La Crosse graduate programs will recruit a diverse pool of exceptional students, who will have a high-quality and well-funded graduate experience. Graduates will become positive agents of change, making significant contributions to their professions and to our globalized society.


Core values:

We are guided in our work by these core values: | Knowledge | Collaboration | Integrity | Leadership | Diversity & Inclusion | Excellence |


Mission, Vision, Values statements