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Note: this page is to provide information on the policies and procedures for Graduate Student Professional Travel Grant budgeting and reimbursements. 

Important:  Reimbursement cannot exceed the dollar amount pre-approved from the student's Graduate Student Professional Travel Fund Application . 

Topics on this page: 

Important budgeting information:

  • All expenses are subject to UW-System travel policies for registration and transportation. Lodging and meal per diem limits are set by SUFAC by-laws, Article III, Section I, subsection A.1. a & b..
    • Registration - keep the receipt provided as you will need it to document the expense upon your return
    • Transportation
      • Airfare - to be reimbursable, it must have been booked via Fox World Travel. See the UWL travel page or contact your department's ADA for assistance in obtaining a price quote.
      • You may request reimbursement for either car rental + gas OR mileage. See notes below regarding required pre-travel authorizations.
    • Lodging - limited to $45 per night per person
      • You may use Fox World Travel or book directly with a hotel via phone or their corporate website.
      • No use of 3rd party sites (Airbnb, Expedia, Orbitz, etc.) is permitted. Receipts from these sites will not be reimbursed.
    • Meals - may not exceed $18 per day per person
      • Breakfast     $3.50
      • Lunch           $6.00
      • Dinner          $8.50


  • You must use Fox World Travel or you will NOT be reimbursed for your ticket.
  • See the UWL travel page or contact your department's ADA for assistance.

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Car rental or driving your own vehicle:


  • You will be required to complete a Driver Authorization Application 4 weeks prior to your trip. If you have an out of state driver's license, you must also complete a Notarized Statement of Driving Record. Both forms are available on the Business Services website under "Our services".
  • If you do not have the appropriate form(s) completed, you will not be able to be reimbursed for car rental & gas or mileage.
  • Most fields on the Driver Authorization Application are self explanatory, but some headings might be challenging.
    • Department the vehicle(s) will be used for -- list your graduate program's department, not the name of your graduate program
    • Purpose for Using Vehicle(s) -- "conference attendance"
    • Supervisor's Name / Email / Phone
      • If you are a graduate assistant or teaching assistant, list your supervisor's information.
      • If you are not a graduate assistant or teaching assistant, list the Graduate Studies budget manager's information -- Chandra Hawkins,, 608.785.8040.
    • Submit paperwork for the driver authorization:
      • If you are a graduate assistant or teaching assistant, have your supervisor sign the form and then send the form to University Police via campus mail.
      • If you are not a graduate assistant or teaching assistant, bring the completed form to the Undergraduate Research & Creativity Office. Chandra will sign your form and forward it to University Police.
    • All completed forms will be processed and sent to University Police for approval.
  • If you have an out of state driver's license, you must also complete a Notarized Statement of Driving Record.
    • The signing of the completed form must be done in the presence of a Notary Public. Do not sign your form until the notary tells you to.
    • For your notary appointment, bring your completed and unsigned formalong with a photo ID (driver's license, military ID, passport, or UWL student ID). The photo ID must be current (not expired) to be valid for the notary to verify your identity.
    • Notary Publics on campus:
      • Preferred student contact - Kathryn Oleson in Student Affairs, 149 Graff Main Hall - call 608.785.8929 or email for availability.
      • Alternate contact - Shelle Gholson in Human Resources, 144 Graff Main Hall - use Google calendar to schedule a 15 minute appointment. Put "Notary request - " followed by your first and last name in the subject of the meeting invitation.
    • Take this form with your Driver Authorization Application to the Undergraduate Research & Creativity Office. After processing, the forms will be sent to University Police for approval. 

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While you are traveling: 

  • Keep all receipts, including those for registration and airfare, to document your expenses. 
  • Be sure to obtain an agenda from the event you attended. It will be required for you to obtain reimbursement.
    • It must contain the name and location of the conference as well as the dates of the conference.
    • It does not need to be the multi-page detailed version. It may be the abbreviated schedule.

Once you return: 

  • Complete a Professional Travel Grant Reimbursement Form within 15 days of your return. The expenses on forms received after this time will not be reimbursed.
  • See below for instructions to assist you in completing the form.
  • Attach conference agenda and receipts to the completed form. Small receipts should be taped to an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper.
  • Take the completed form and receipts to the Graduate Studies Office (223 Graff Main Hall).

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Form Instructions: 

  • Name - the name which you are registered as a student at UWL
  • Mailing address - your current residence. If this will change in the next 30 days, please note this on the form
  • Phone and email address - both are required in case we need additional information from you to process your reimbursement
  • Graduate program - list the program, not your department
  • Student ID# - it's the ID # you use to log into WINGS
  • Residence status - if you are a legal resident of a country other than the US, you will be contacted to provide some additional information so that your reimbursement can be processed in accordance with US government regulations 


  • Are you a Graduate or Teaching Assistant? If you are a GA or TA, you will receive an email to follow a link to verify the expenses. 
  • Name of the conference - write in the full title, no abbreviations
  • Location of conference - city, state or city, country
  • Departure date and return date: the dates that you left to attend the conference and the date that you returned


  • Registration - if a single fee covered the entire conference, place the total under Day 1
  • Hotel - list the amount that you paid for yourself
  • Meals - circle the meals for which you paid. Do not include meals that were covered by the registration fee or by someone else
  • Transportation - include airfare, car rental + gas OR mileage, parking fees, taxi, etc. If you are claiming mileage, car rental & gas, or parking fees, attach a copy of the driver's authorization email you should have received.

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  • Do I need a receipt for...
    • registration fee -- yes
    • hotel -- yes, see per diem limits in budgeting section at the top of this page
    • meals -- no, see per diem limits in budgeting section at the top of this page
    • airfare -- yes *** note: it must be from Fox World Travel and include the airline and your ticket number
    • baggage fees -- yes ***note: they may require additional justificaiton
    • car rental + gas -- yes for both
    • mileage -- no receipt, but keep a mileage log or provide mapquest / google maps / etc to show miles to and from the location
    • parking fees -- if over $25 yes; if less than $25 note on mileage log or describe in note
    • taxi / bus / subway -- if over $25 in a day, yes; if less than $25, describe in note
  • The value of my receipts exceeds the amount I will be reimbursed. Do I still need to provide all of my receipts?
    • For registrations fees - YES, if you paid a fee to attend the conference.
    • For all other receipts - we would like you to so that we may quantify the need that we have for graduate student travel support; however, you only have to provide receipts for amounts up to or exceeding your grant award.  If you are not including all of your receipts, please provide information about how you got there (e.g., American Airlines round trip La Crosse to Orlando, drove personal vehicle) and your accommodations while there (e.g., Holiday Inn-Orlando, youth hostel, stayed with family). These details help to support the travel reimbursement request. You can just write this information on the back of the form.
  • What should I do if I've received an email telling me my expense report has been entered and is ready for my review and submission?
    • If you are a GA or TA, you should click on the link and verify the expenses. DO NOT make any changes to the report. If you see an error, reply to the email and request a correction.
    • If you are not a GA or TA, you should reply to the email and indicate that you are not a university employee. DO NOT make any changes to the report. The person who has completed the report on your behalf will follow up with Business Services and get back to you regarding next steps.
  • What if I can't get my form to the Graduate Studies office within 15 days of my return?
    • Contact the Graduate Studies office for an extension. You must ask for the extension prior to the due date of your form.
  • Still have questions?
    • For questions related to the grant cycle, process, or awards, contact Mike Kennedy in the Graduate Studies office at or 785.8124.
    • For questions related to the reimbursement form, receipt requirements, or reimbursement process, contact the Graduate Studies budget manager, Chandra Hawkins at or 785.8040.