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Most, but not all, graduate programs at UW-La Crosse require a culminating experience of their students.  This might be a thesis, a graduate project, an internship/preceptorship, or a comprehensive examination.  Each department has unique requirements for these culminating experiences, but there are also important university-wide standards.  It is important to review the details in each of the following areas:

Research & Thesis Information

Compliance with Proper Research Procedures


Depending upon the kind of a research students undertake, they may have to follow certain procedures and/or take certain training BEFORE beginning their research.  The three most common are Human Subjects Research Procedures/IRB (for any research directly involving human subjects), Responsible Conduct of Research (for all students who receive a grant to conduct their research), and Institutional Animal Care and Use (for students working directly with animals).  The following sites will be useful for achieving compliance:

Human Subjects Research Procedures/IRB

Human Subject (IRB) Deadlines and Committee Meeting Dates

Responsible Conduct of Research

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

There also are other less common policies procedures that may impact certain studies.  For a complete list, go to the Research and Sponsored Programs Compliance and Policy website.

Thesis Guidelines

Important thesis guidelines have been established by the Graduate Council and are necessary for processing, binding, and storing of theses as well as for establishing a level of uniformity within the university.  

It is the student's responsibility to reveiw the University Thesis Guidelines before begining thesis work in order to ensure adherance to the guidelines.  

A number of bolier plate forms are availiable to aid in intial document formating.
 Adobe PDF and Word.


Thesis Completion Process


  1. Make suggested corrections.
  2. Get committee member signatures on Signature Form.

* For important procedural requirements, please review the Thesis Completion Checklist.

(223 Graff Main Hall) 

  1. Submit complete document for review and approval by Thesis Editor.
  2. Completed Thesis Editor Communication Record Form must be included with submission of thesis.

*This step in the process may take a number of weeks to complete. Please plan accordingly.

* For important procedural requirements, please review the Thesis Completion Checklist.



  1. Each student is required to have one copy of his/her thesis bound for Murphy Library (along with submission of an electronic copy for the Library). A student may request additional copies as required by his/her department or for personal use. 

 * For important procedural requirements, please review the Thesis Completion Checklist.


  1. Email an electronic copy of your thesis to Murphy Library.  
  2. Confirm with your thesis advisor that a Change of Grade Form has been completed.

* For important procedural requirements, please review the Thesis Completion Checklist.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed another important step towards your degree!

GRC Continuous Enrollment

GRC policy involves continuous registration.  This is required registration by graduate students who have signed up for all required courses in previous semesters, but haven’t completed their degree requirements.  This usually involves additional work still to be done on a thesis, graduate project, or comprehensive exam.  The complete explanation of the GRC policy is available in the GRC section of the Graduate Catalog

Thesis and Research Awards

There are a pair of research awards for which graduate students are eligible.  They are the Rosandich Graduate Thesis Award and the UWL Graduate Student Academic Achievement Award.

Nominations due in the Office of University Graduate Studies on the last Friday of February     The Graduate Council seeks nominations for its Rosandich Graduate Thesis Award. Graduate Students who have completed their thesis in the preceding calendar year are eligible to be nominated. Nominations should come from a faculty member familiar with the students' work; self nominations by the students are discouraged.  The award goes to the best graduate theses based upon the originality, impact, and written quality of the work as demonstrated in the thesis and the nomination letter.  Go to the Rosandich Graduate Thesis Award website for  more details.

Nominations due in College Dean’s Office on the last Friday in February                                     Five Graduate Student Academic Achievement Awards (two each for the College of Liberal Studies and the College of Science and Health, and one for the College of Business Administration) may be awarded annually. The award goes to students who demonstrate exceptional scholarly accomplishment.  Scholarly accomplishment for this award is broadly defined to include research, service, professional development, and/or leadership in the graduate program.  Go to the Graduate Student Academic Achievement Awards website for more details.