Applied research grant programs

The UW System-sponsored Applied Research Grant program offers fourteen (14) month awards for up to $50,000 or, for collaborative proposals, up to $50,000 per participating institution. Faculty and staff in all disciplines  on all UW campuses are eligible to apply. Award recipients should consult the appropriate technology transfer agent in order to maximize the potential for intellectual property (IP) protection for IP created using Applied Research Grant funding.

Joint UW System - WiSys Applied Research - WiTAG Program

The WiSys Technology Advancement Grant (WiTAG) program offers a maximum of $150,000 in funding over a three-year period in science and technology fields only . The UWSA and WiSys collaboration in the joint Applied Research-WiTAG program allows eligible faculty to apply for funding from both programs with one application. UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee researchers are not eligible for Applied Research-WiTAG awards. Intellectual property created using Applied Research-WiTAG funding must be assigned to WiSys

Related program: WiTAG


  • Intent to Submit Form (required) -  see WiSys site for details
    • November 26, 2018
    • Components:
      • summary of proposal's goals and research plan
      • if you would like feedback on your goals and plan, you may request it as part of the intent to submit
    • Fill out and submit form via UW System website
    • NOTE: Full proposals will only be accepted from those who submitted an Intent to Submit email.
  • Full proposal
  • Award announcements are expected on or before May 1, 2019

Proposal Components - see WiSys website for details

  • Signed cover page - use form on website
  • Structured proposal narrative
  • Budget form - use form on website (NOTE: Fringe benefits are NOT an allowable funding request and must be covered by a university source.)
  • Proposal appendix (single combined PDF document)

Additional Information