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unding sources.  There are a variety of UWL funding sources for your project ideas. Some are campus-wide, and others are college-specific. You can search for a program to apply to using the following sites:

Review the request for proposals (RFP)/grant guidelines.  These will contain information regarding required elements, budgetary limitations, page limits, review criteria, and expectations. Given the increasingly competitive nature of most on-campus grant programs, adherence to the guidance provided is critical. Even a high-quality proposal may get overlooked or excluded if it fails to follow the guidelines or misses the submission deadline. If you have questions regarding a particular grant program, please check that program's webpage. Most grants have a contact person that can answer any questions you may have.

Digital Measures (DM).  Most campus-wide grant programs use, or will be using, DM as part of the grant submission process. Some helpful resources for DM grant submissions:

  • "Universal" budget template  - please be sure to refer to each grant's guidelines as some budgetary categories may not be allowed by a particular grant program
  • Digital Measures log-in page
  • Grant submission process:
    • Create a new item under "grant materials management"
    • The You Tube video below has step by step instructions
    • Generate a report 
    • Obtain approval from your chair or unit director as appropriate (see proposal guidelines for details)
    • Send the report to the appropriate email address (see the proposal guidelines or webpage for details) by the submission deadline
  • Digital Measures not working? Please contact Patty Fairchild ( or 608.785.8058) for assistance.