Assistance with internal grants

Funding Sources

There are a variety of UWL funding sources for your project ideas. Some are campus-wide, and others are college-specific. You can search for a program to apply to using the following sites:

Review the request for proposals (RFP)/grant guidelines.  These will contain information regarding the program contact, required elements, budgetary limitations, page limits, review criteria, and expectations. Given the increasingly competitive nature of most on-campus grant programs, adherence to the guidance provided is critical. Even a high quality proposal may get overlooked or excluded if it fails to follow the guidelines or misses the submission deadline. If you have questions regarding a particular grant program, please check the program's webpage. All UWL grants have a designated contact person that can answer any questions you may have.

Digital Measures (DM)

Most UWL grant programs use DM as part of the grant submission process. Some helpful resources for DM grant submissions:

  • UWL Internal Grant Budget Form  - Please refer to each grant's guidelines, as some budgetary categories may not be allowed by a particular grant program.
  • Digital Measures log-in page
  • Grant submission process: Refer to the program guidelines and the DM tutorial video below.
  • Digital Measures not working? Please contact us for assistance.