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As part of UWL's vision that diversity is central to providing and retaining a quality learning environment and sense of world community at the University, UWL endeavors to bring four or more scholars/artists of color to campus a year. The purpose of a larger number of shorter visits (rather than semester-long programs) serves to increase the program's visibility on campus and increase the potential representation of individuals across the university.

Members of the faculty and academic staff of UWL may nominate individuals to visit campus during the academic year. A primary goal is significant interaction with students as well as faculty and staff by the visiting scholar/artist. Travel costs and honoraria may be requested in the grant application (see below).

Deadline: Proposals (Digital Measures) due to

  • For fall semester scholars: second Monday in July
  • For spring semester scholars: first Monday in December

Next Deadline: Monday, July 9, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

  • Guidelines / Request for Proposals (RFP) 
  • Budget - if you make changes to the budget template, please be sure to verify the formulas.
      • This is a universal budget template. 
      • Not all categories listed will be allowable for this grant.
      • Please refer to the guidelines/RFP for allowable expenses.

Submission Process

  1. Compile your grant in Digital Measures using the "Manage Internal Grant Proposals" function. It is located at the bottom of the function list.
  2. Run a report which will yield a document (usually a pdf). If you are having difficulty with this step, please see the video below. The "run a report" step is at the 5:33 mark.
  3. Email the report as an attachment to your Dean / Division Head at least one week prior to the deadline.
  4. After their review, Deans / Division Heads will submit the report to Only grants submitted by Deans / Division Heads will be considered for funding.

How to Create Internal Grant Proposals in Digital Measures