Allison Bucheger a Public Health Community Health Education major takes third place in the in statewide interprofessional case competition hosted by Wisconsin AHEC

Edith Ben-Eboh recognized for academics, community involvement

Edith Ben-Eboh recognized for academics, community involvement

Edith Ben-Eboh, a junior majoring in public health and community health education, recently received the UWL Student Association's Women of Color Scholarship. “I’m happy someone saw something in me and felt I deserved this," she says. 

Fall 2021 Preceptorship Sharing Group Photo

Study shows UWL, Viterbo students plan to get vaccinated

More than three-quarters of students attending La Crosse’s four-year colleges intend to roll up their sleeves and get a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Researchers from Gundersen Health System’s Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine, UW-La Crosse and Viterbo University found that 76% of students surveyed at UWL and Viterbo this winter plan to get vaccinated.  

The reasons: 81% think the vaccine will protect them, while 82% think the vaccine will protect others. A total of 78% believe the COVID-19 vaccine will be beneficial in getting things back to normal. 

“I think what surprised me in the study, if anything, was the percentage of students indicating they would get the vaccine when it became available to them,” says Professor Dan Duquette, chair of the UWL Health Education and Health Promotion Department and the study’s lead facilitator. “And one of the main reasons was to help things return to normal.”  

Of the roughly 350 students completing the survey between mid-February and early March, 66% reported they had already received the seasonal flu shot — heeding advice of health professionals to avert a double health crisis. 

Duquette says it was an all-hands-on-deck study for him and his students, along with Associate Professor Matthew Bersagel Braley of the Viterbo Ethics, Culture and Society Department, and Dr. Kim Lansing, Gundersen Health System. UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health WARM (Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine) students from Gundersen and undergraduate students from Viterbo also assisted.  

The research is timely for creating strategies to increase turnout for the vaccine once it’s available to college students, says Duquette. 

“Part of the follow-up messaging needs to point out that most college students intend to get vaccinated — that may inspire some fence-sitters to roll up their sleeves, too,” he says.  

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Spring 2019 PH-CHE Preceptorship Students group photo
Holly Kritter New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Center La Crosse WI
Kimberly Bestul Fond du Lac County Health Department WI
Madeline Eggert Arizona State University Wellness Department
Molly Schuman Hennepin County Public Health Department, Mpls MN
Guatemala Spring Break project - PHCHE students spent their spring break in Guatemala building stoves for schools, clinics and individual families to help remove the harmful smoke generated by open pit cooking stoves
Katherine Drewiske Society for Public Health Education headquarters [SOPHE] Washington DC
Kaitlyn Sommerfield YMCA Healthy Living Center La Crosse
Jenna Thelen Aids Resource Center of WI Appleton and Wausau
Matthew Abrahamson Pro Health Care Waukesha WI
Abigail Hutson March of Dimes
Brook Mentzel Aids Resource Center of WI Green Bay/Appleton
Mary Walters MN Independence College and Comunity
Rebecca Shirley Power-Up Stillwater MN
Marandes Schultz - Gundersen Health System Trauma Service La Crosse
Anna Michener-Eckert - Cooperative Educational Service Agency [CESA]
Ellen Henry - Milwaukee Area Health Education Center
Maggie Van Heuklon - Community Action for Healthy Living [CAHL] Appleton WI and NE WI
Anika Reinsch - National Alliance on Mental Illness [NAMI] St Paul MN
Alexandra May - Gundersen Health System Global Health Partners
Ashley Claussen - La Crosse County Health Department
Cassandra Kujawa - American Cancer Society Pewaukee WI
Gabrielle Mark - Gundersen Health System Office of Population Health
Cara Murasaki - International Institute of MN Mpls
Kaitlyn Mack - Essential Health Clinic La Crosse
Micah Graczyk - Antelope Valley Partners for Health CA
Morgan Worachek - Community Ground Works
Rosalea Botka - Red Cliff Community Health Center
Skylar Keefner - YMCA Teen Center La Crosse
Taylor Politoski - Coulee Cap Inc., WI
Sam Tschimperle - Riverside Cooperation Wellness [RCW] La Crosse
Spring 2019 PHCHE preceptorship students fun celebration photo
Dr. Keely Rees and PHCHE Spring 2019 student Nicole Poellinger
PH CHE students attending the Spring 2019 Preceptorship Expo in the Centennial Hall of Nations
Kelli Hirt ~ Community Groundworks located in the City of Madison, WI
Haley Francione ~ Gundersen Health System: Community and Preventive Care Services, La Crosse, WI
Hannah Wallenkamp ~ Community Benefit/Education department at ProHealth Care, Waukesha, WI
Megan Lallier ~ Kohl’s Safety Center, American Family Children’s Hospital, Madison, WI
Emily Queen ~ Missoula City-County Health Department (MCCHD) in Missoula, Montana
Leona Neziri ~ Fight Asthma Milwaukee Allies (FAM Allies) and the Milwaukee Area Health Education Center (Milwaukee AHEC), Milwaukee, WI
Sarah Miner ~ Preceptorship Site: Speaker Robin Vos – Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison, WI
Brianna Mowbray ~ La Crosse County Health Department, La Crosse, WI
Mikka Nyarko ~ La Crosse County Health Department, Health Education Division, La Crosse, WI
Tyler Westrich ~ Gundersen Health System Trauma Services, La Crosse, WI
Mackenzie Rice ~ Mayo Clinic Health Systems Franciscan Healthcare in the Employee Health Promotion Department, La Crosse, WI
Robert Waara ~ Essential Health Clinic, La Crosse, WI
Laura Steiner ~ Upland Hills Health in Dodgeville Wisconsin
Ashley Handley ~ AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) La Crosse, WI
Hannah Wilz ~ The Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WAWH), Madison, WI
Kathryn Perszyk ~ Be The Match (National Marrow Donor Program) Minneapolis, MN
Caitlin Joseph ~ La Crosse Area YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association), La Crosse, WI
Olivia Gerritson ~ Coulee Council on Addictions, La Crosse, WI
Carly Emmel ~ International Preceptorship and Undergraduate Research project: Women's Health in Togo West Africa
Margo Dieck Preceptorship poster
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Summer 2018 Preceptorship Group Photo
Alyssa Aschenbrener - Mayo Clinic
Christina Gunn S&T
Courtney Nathan AHEC Fight Asthma Milwaukee, WI
Derrick Fritz SOPHE
Ethan Brouillette Albrecht Clinic
Hannah Grobelny Children's Health Alliance
Jenna Tomesh La Crosse YMCA
Joseph Gardner Riverside Wellness Corp
Michael Erickson & Hannah Michlig Gundersen Health System
Kelsey Lieungh Froedtert Wellness Works
Kristin Miller SPROUT
Lydia Houle Gilette Children's Specialty Health Center
Madeline Miller & Demitra Weisbrod Wisconsin Alliance Women's Health
Marlana Lammar Taylor County Health Department
Nicole Heling Washington & Ozaukee County Health Department
Rebecca Robinson March of Dimes
Rostislav Servetnyk Lake County Health Department
Tom Carnaghi Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Atlanta GA
Bailey Brown Safe Community Madison
Holly McKinney National Wildlife Refuge
Jamie Reif YMCA Kenosha
Kristin Miller SPROUT NOLA Presentation Poster SOPHE Conference
Rachel Atchison City of West Allis Health Deptartment
Susan Haack Wellness Center Sanford Health
Mariah Shaurette Avera Fitness Center
Professor Anders Cedergren with students
Professor Emily Whitney and students
Professor Keely Rees and students
Professor Michele Pettit and students
Professor Dan Duquette and students
Provost Betsy Morgan and students
Professor Gary Gilmore and students
Alex Peters ~ Community Action for Healthy Living, Inc. Kaukauna, WI
Teresa Simon ~ Safer Communities Madison-Dane County, Madison, WI
Acadiarose McGovern ~ Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health, Madison, WI
Alexandra Carlo ~ Fight Asthma Milwaukee, WI
Kayla Laufenberg ~ Fairview Health Services, Mpls, MN
Victoria Brown ~ Harwood Place, Milwaukee, WI
Madeline Smith ~ New Horizons, La Crosse, WI
Monica Lewinski ~ Children's Hospital, Milwaukee, WI
Amanda Adams - Green County Health Department - Monroe, WI
Sovei Stenso-Velo ~ Gundersen Global Partners, La Crosse, WI
Kelcey Daniels ~ Aspirus Wausau Hospital, Wausau, WI
Hayley Smith - Marathon County Health Department - Wausau, WI
Gretchen Linzmeier ~ Lakeview Health Foundation, Stillwater, MN
Molly Kuckkahn ~ Ruth Gilfry Center - Portage County Health Department, Stevens Point, WI
Mariah Heiman - Portage County Health Department - Stevens Point, WI
Courtney Murphy - Prevent Blindness Milwaukee -  Milwaukee, WI
Mara Hanson ~ Missoula County Health Department, Missoula, MT
Kathryn Terry ~ Alisa Ann Burn Foundation, Pasadena, CA
Jenna Berger ~ Gundersen Community and Preventive Services, La Crosse, WI
Nicole Poganski ~ Fairview Health Services, MPLS, MN
Helen Lai ~ Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
Christina Taddeo ~ American Heart Association, Chicago, IL
Grace Mortensen ~ Annex Teen Clinic, Robbinsdale, MN
Janessa VandenBerge ~ Mayo Clinic, La Crosse, WI
Kayla Runigen ~ ProHealth, Waukesha, WI
Marissa Ortner ~ Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, WI
Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG)
Katheryn Terry with her father, retired UWL Coach Terry
Lauren Dobron ~ Wisconsin Department of Public Health; Environmental Health Division
Gabby Fitzgerald ~ Spokane Regional Health District, Division of Health Promotion, Spokane, WA
Abby Waters ~ Ashley Furniture Industries, Arcadia, WI
Paige Mueller ~ Gundersen's Trauma and Prevention Services, La Crosse, WI
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Spring 2016 Preceptorship HEHP faculty and students
May 2016 PHCHE graduates
Summer 2016 Preceptees with Kristen Wanta, Elle Smith, Tim Good, Rhianna Denise, Elizabeth Pamperin, Heather Wagner, Tierney Wittmann, Jenny Smith, Alecia Rae Raschke and Kellie Janski and Dr. Emily Whitney
Fall 2014 Preceptorship students and faculty
HEHP student Mikka Nyarko's round table presentation ~ Women's Reproductive Health Initiative in Matagalpa Nicaragua; a Collaboration with Gundersen Health Systems Global Partners and the Lily Project at the SOPHE 69th Annual 2018 Conference in Columbus, OH on April 3-6, 2018
HEHP student Mikka Nyarko ~ Women's Reproductive Health Initiative in Matagalpa Nicaragua; a Collaboration with Gundersen Health Systems Global Partners and the Lily Project
HEHP student Mikka Nyarko ~ Women's Reproductive Health Initiative in Matagalpa Nicaragua; a Collaboration with Gundersen Health Systems Global Partners and the Lily Project
HEHP student Carly Emmel during International Preceptorship in Togo West Africa, washing discarded disposable water packets to recycle into plastic totes and other usable goods
HEHP student Carly Emmel during International Preceptorship in Togo West Africa, discarded disposable water packets recycled into plastic totes and other usable goods
Carly Emmel International Preceptorship 2017 Togo West Africa
HEHP student Carly Emmel during International Preceptorship in Togo West Africa, shopping in the market.
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HEHP students 2017 SOPHE Advocacy Summit Washington DC
HEHP faculty Dr. Emily Whitney and Katie Wagoner meet the Surgeon General at the 2015 APHA conference
HEHP faculty at the CDC in Atlanta GA during the 2017 APHA conference
HEHP faculty at 2017 APHA National Conference Atlanta GA
2015 First ESG Madison Advocacy Summit in Madison HEHP students Kimber Annly, Justine Baumann, Heather Wagner, Ashley Monson, Kristen Wanta, Natalie Frederickson, Chelsea Hoffman and Alissa Marie.
Dr. Emily Whitney with HEHP students at ESG Madison Advocacy 2016
Dr. Keely Rees with HEHP students at ESG Madison Advocacy 2016
HEHP faculty Katie Wagoner with students at 2016 ESG Madison Advocacy Summit
Dr. Anders Cedergren with HEHP students at 2016 ESG Advocacy Summit, Madison WI
HEHP faculty and students at the ESG Madison Advocacy Summit
HEHP faculty and students at the 2017 ESG Madison Advocacy Summit
2018 Public Health Legislative Forum at UWL sponsored by the Health Education Health Promotion Department
Fall 2018 PHCHE Majors Meeting - the department has almost doubled in size from 2015
PHCHE Majors Meeting 2017
PH-CHE Students Halloween Costume Contest Dr. Anders Cedergren's 2018 CHE 450 class
PH-CHE Students Halloween 2018
Dr. Emily Whitney and Dr. Keely Rees impersonate Dr. Gary Gilmore and Dr. Anders Cedergren Halloween 2017
Halloween 2016
2016 Halloween