Spring 2018 Preceptorship Students

Public Health and Community Health Education Major Preceptorship

During their last undergraduate semester, majors in Public Health and Community Health Education participate in a full-time 15-credit service-learning course, PH 498, the undergraduate Public Health and Community Health Education Preceptorship. PH CHE faculty created this experience as a capstone for undergraduate coursework, and participants find this to be a cornerstone for their career.

The objectives of the preceptorship are threefold:

  1. to apply realistically the knowledge and skills attained in the campus setting to specific practical community health education issues in the agency setting
  2. to provide practical service to the agency
  3. to better student preparation for future employment and/or advanced education

About a year before the conclusion of course work, program participants work with a faculty member to align with a preceptorship site reflecting their interests in specific settings, health concerns, populations, and sometimes locations. The faculty adviser arranges a visit between the student preceptee and the agency preceptor who will mentor the student during their preceptorship. Alignments are finalized when the faculty member, student preceptee, and agency preceptor agree on the features of a student-generated proposal.

Public Health and Community Health Education majors are encouraged to learn more about the Preceptorship experience by attending a Public Health and Community Health Education Preceptorship Sharing Expo event sponsored by the Department of Health Education Health Promotion. The Preceptorship Sharing Expo is held at the beginning of the spring and fall semester, and at the end of the spring and fall semester prior to finals week. The Preceptorship Sharing Expo will provide students the opportunity to speak with students who have just completed their preceptorship experience, as well as various preceptorship site sponsors.

Students can go to the Public Health and Community Health Education Preceptorship Sharing web site to view the preceptorship sharing PowerPoint MyMedia presentations of previous PH-CHE students.

Students can also go to the link on the Final Preceptorship Reports tab above to see the written preceptorship final reports submitted by previous Public Health and Community Health Education students. These reports will give students more detailed information regarding individual preceptorship sites and the duties performed by the PH-CHE students during their preceptorship experience.

Check out our News & Events tab at the left for photographs of previous PH-CHE students and their preceptorship expo presentations.

Please contact Dr. Emily Whitney, Preceptorship Coordinator, with specific questions regarding the Preceptorship Manual and Agency Manual.

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FORM 1 – Public Health and Community Health Education Preceptorship.pdf

Form 1 and all required background documents must be submitted to your advisor no later than: the Thursday before Thanksgiving for summer or fall preceptorship, by the Friday before spring break for spring preceptorship

Form 1B   Public Health and Community Health Education Preceptorship Site Change Request Form

Form 2 must be submitted to your advisor no later than: the Thursday before Thanksgiving for summer or fall preceptorship, by the Friday before spring break for spring preceptorship


Form III Proposal of Involvement

Summer Preceptorship Application

Sharing Session Outline

CHE 498 Course Syllabus

PH-CHE Advising New Program.pdf

 List of Current Approved CHE Preceptorship Site Locations

(This is not a comprehensive list of all the preceptorship site locations. Please contact Dr. Emily Whitney or your advisor with questions about a preceptorship site.  The preceptorship final reports are also a good source for additional preceptorship site locations.)


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To view previous PowerPoint MyMedia site presentations of PH-CHE students please go to the Public Health Community Health Preceptorship Sharing web site.

Below are some additional PowerPoint slideshow presentations:

PowerPoint Slideshows