Human Resources

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DepartmentDepartment ChairOffice supportDepartment Phone
College of Business Administration
Accountancy William Maas Deanna Wachter 785-8093
Economics TJ Brooks Mary Grattan 785-8099
Finance Robert Wolf Maureen Spencer 785-8115
Information Systems Kuang Wei Wen Kathy Fontanini 785-6656
Management William Ross Lori Komarek 785-8110
Marketing Gwen Achenreiner Sue Hengel 785-8118
College of Liberal Studies
Archaeology & Anthropology Tim McAndrews      Debra Holtschlag 785-8457
Art Rob Dixon Tina Connelly 785-8230
Communications Studies Linda Dickmeyer Laurie Collison 785-8519
English Natalie Eschenbaum Cullen Oldenburg 785-8295
Ethnic & Racial Studies Timothy Gongaware Kathy Thoen 785-8223
History John Grider Becky Viner 785-8350
Military Science   LTC Jane E. Brannan vacant 785-8404
Modern Languages Marie Moeller Judith King 785-8324
Music Christopher Frye Nicole Novak 785-8409
Philosophy Eric Kraemer,
Tim McAndrews
Mary Conrad 785-8424
Political Science/Public Administration Timothy Dale Angela House 785-8434
Psychology Ryan McKelley Sheri Craig 785-8440
Sociology Kimberly Vogt Debra Holtschlag 785-8457
Student Affairs Administration Jodie Rindt vacant 785-6869
Theatre Arts Joseph Anderson Krista Shulka 785-6701
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Deborah Hoskins Kathy Thoen 785-8357
College of Science and Health 
Biology Michael Abler Mandy Wagner 785-8238
Chemistry & Biochemistry Aaron Monte Lori Hanson 785-8268
Computer Science Steven Senger Becky Yoshizumi 785-6805
Exercise & Sport Science Mark Gibson Jeanne Voss 785-8173
Geography & Earth Science Cynthia Berlin

Debra Gerke, Krista Anderson

Health Education and Health Promotion Dan Duquette Sandra Vinney 785-8162
Health Professions Thomas Kernozek Shauna Salow 785-8470
Mathematics Rebecca Ledocq Julie Garrels 785-8382
Microbiology Bernadette Taylor Susan Hall 785-6960
Physics Eric Barnes Krista Anderson 785-8249
Rec Management and Therapeutic Rec Gretchen Newhouse Janet Craig 785-8207
School of Education
Educational Studies Adrienne Loh Lisa Armstrong 785-8132
Institute for Professional Studies in Education Patricia Markos Heidi Janzen 785-6507
Non-instructional department
Library Michael Current Ingrid Iverson 785-8520