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Within the average U.S. workplace, 7 out of 10 employees are disengaged, an even more alarming statistic when coupled with research showing that 68% of customers will stop buying from a company due to the indifference of a single employee.

The Appreciation Experience addresses such issues by empowering learners to identify and understand how their actions influence employees and how recognition programs can drive behavior, unify teams and cultures, improve engagement, and significantly impact revenue.

In developing the course, O.C. Tanner worked with Allen Communication, an award-winning training and education agency, to find impactful methods to connect learning activities with measurable behaviors. The challenge was to create meaningful change within corporate cultures that could generate buy-in from the management and make recognition a priority.

With such challenges in mind, the Appreciation Experience builds on the strengths of in-person training while integrating innovative techniques:

  • Learning modules include a custom introduction to share real success stories of recognition in practice and motivate managers to appreciate great work.
  • Modules provide an impactful narrative, which guides learners through recognition principles, to explain why appreciation is so influential on employee behavior, and teach habits that positively impact the culture of any organization.
  • As a central learning objective, managers identify and understand how their actions influence employees.
  • Integrated course takeaway notes allow learners to capture, save and review their thoughts as they identify and understand recognition principles.
  • Bite-size activities and compelling statistics are weaved throughout the course to keep learners motivated and check/maintain their progress.
  • Learners are rewarded throughout the course by earning personalized badges for completing modules.

It is our goal at UWL to influence the way our organization accomplishes, recognizes, and appreciates the great work of our people.  The Appreciation Experience has the power to deliver lasting and meaningful results, in terms of employee engagement.

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