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Masking Information expanding section

Face Coverings. Face covering means a piece of cloth or other material that is worn to cover the nose and mouth completely. A face covering must be secured to the head and must fit snuggly but comfortably against the side of the face. Cloth face coverings must be made with two or more layers of breathable fabric that are tightly woven. A face covering does not include bandanas, single layer neck gaiters, or masks with slits, exhalation valves, or punctures because public health experts have determined that these types of coverings are ineffective at preventing respiratory droplets from entering the air. Face shields are acceptable as face covering and can be used by an instructor or student in a classroom.

Face Covering Required. Every individual, regardless of vaccination status, who enters campus lands shall wear a face covering:

  • In all indoor public spaces except students in their assigned residence hall rooms and employees when alone in a private, unshared office or lab and
  • While riding a campus shuttle or when two or more people are present in a university vehicle.

Exceptions. Requests for exceptions to this order should be made to the Dean of Students for students and to Human Resources for employees and will be evaluated on an individualized basis utilizing the interactive reasonable accommodations process.

Enforcement. The UW-La Crosse Office of Human Resources, Office of Student Life, and University Police Department is authorized to enforce this order. Violations may result in employee discipline, student discipline citation, and/or fine under UWS Chapter 18 and UW System Administrative Policy 1292, Workplace Conduct Expectations.

Duration. The masking requirement is effective Friday, August 27, 2021, and will remain until September 30, 2021, at which time they will be re-assessed, based on the level of community transmission decreasing to a moderate (yellow) rate and the University receiving assurance from our local health departments that the requirements can be lifted.

Last modified: 08/26/2021

Leave and Absence Information expanding section

As communicated to campus in the spring, COVID-19 Emergency Leave and Emergency Family Medical Leave benefits have expired.  Employees may continue to request Family/Medical Leave or other leaves of absence using existing options.  For a listing of leave options, please visit: 

Last modified: 08/20/2021

Testing Information expanding section

All required employee testing has concluded.  However, UWL continues to strongly encourage unvaccinated or symptomatic employees to test for COVID-19. For information on testing, visit: 

Last modified: 08/20/2021

Showing Symptoms of COVID-19 expanding section

Employees who are symptomatic with COVID-19 or other symptoms of illness need to stay home.  Eligible employees may utilize leave benefits, or if the employee is able, remote work can be approved while they quarantine/recover.  

Last modified: 08/20/2021

Support or care for others in your immediate family expanding section

UWL supports supervisors in considering flexible or remote work options, when appropriate, in cases where an employee may need to be away from the workplace to care for an ill family member or provide childcare for their child who requires isolation or quarantine.  It is also important that employees work collaboratively and quickly in communicating their circumstances and changes in their work arrangements to their supervisors so continuity of operations can be quickly established. 

Employees who must care for family members, (i.e. partner, children, parents, etc.), may work with their supervisor to seek approval to work remotely during the isolation/quarantine period, or until their family member has returned to good health.  In these circumstances, supervisors should ensure the employee can complete required work assignments and be agreed upon work hours to respond to requests. Should leave need to be extended beyond the isolation/quarantine period, other leave options or work arrangements must be explored.

Employees who may not be able to work remotely may utilize available leave time, or if appropriate, Family Medical Leave or other Leaves of Absence benefits.  

Last modified: 08/20/2021

Remote or Flexible Work Options expanding section

While UW-La Crosse continues to encourage flexibility, when appropriate, it is important to note that all remote work or telecommuting arrangements are now exclusively managed through the UW System Administrative Policy 1228 on telecommuting.  Employees are expected to be on-site to ready the campus for the fall semester, however, in some situations employees may work with their supervisors and division leadership to determine if their position would have the ability to work remotely.  The request to work remotely requires approval by the supervisor, division leadership, Human Resources, and in some cases, UW System.  For more information visit:  

Last modified: 08/20/2021