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Information on FLSA changes for employees expanding section

With the deployment of new titles, some positions may transition from non-exempt to exempt or vice versa.  Impacted employees will be contacted by Human Resources.  More information and an explanation of options are listed below.

FLSA changes – The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes federal minimum wage, overtime pay, and recordkeeping laws. It assigns each employee an exemption status, non-exempt or exempt, based on job duties performed under each position title. A small number of current employees will have their exemption status change due to TTC.

Employee classification, University Staff and Academic Staff, is separate from FLSA. While employees will be required to change FLSA exemption status, employees will not be forced to change employee classification. Some employees will have the option to change employee classification if they so choose.

In the coming months, our office will work directly with employees who are affected by this change. We will provide more detailed information about the impact of this change and offer support to the employee and their supervisor, answering any questions or concerns either may have. We plan to offer informational sessions and supplemental documents to ensure a smooth transition this fall.

Last modified: 08/27/2021

Employee Appeals expanding section

Appeals – This fall, employees will have an opportunity to file a formal appeal of their new official TTC title after TTC is implemented. This process is still being developed and details will be shared with the campus as soon as possible.

Last modified: 07/27/2021

Employee Training expanding section

Employees can learn more about the project by visiting the TTC Resource page here: https://www.wisconsin.edu/ohrwd/title-and-total-compensation-study/resources/ 

Last modified: 07/27/2021

What is happening to Career Progression expanding section

The final policy recommendations for Career Progression for Academic Staff have not been developed.  Fiscal Year 2021 was the final year of Career Progression at UW-La Crosse.  For more information about the future state of Career Progression/Career Paths, visit:

Last modified: 07/27/2021