COVID-19 Vaccination Information

On March 9, 2021, UW-La Crosse’s Cleary Center will be the host site for the County of La Crosse’s vaccination center.  The involvement of UW-La Crosse is only to host the center. 

The center will be managed exclusively by the La Crosse County Health Department.  Employees interested in the vaccination should visit for information and indicate their preference for receiving the vaccination. 

Please note:

  • While many UW-La Crosse employees may fall into one of the eligibility categories for the vaccine, the County of La Crosse Health Department will determine which persons are eligible and prioritize the eligible persons based on their guidelines.
  • Employees who may reside or live in another state and meet the County’s eligibility requirements may receive the vaccine at the La Crosse County Health Department testing center.

For all questions, concerns, or other inquiries, please contact the La Crosse County Health Department