The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is committed to providing a performance evaluation system for all academic staff and university staff employees.  The method to document position expectations and results is accomplished through a performance appraisal process.

Annually, supervisors of instructional academic staff, non-instructional academic staff and university staff employees are expected to meet with their employees to discuss department/unit goals, employee career goals and supervisory position expectations.

Instructional Academic Staff

For instructional academic staff, use the IAS annual review form and IAS PD template.

IAS Annual Review instructions and form

IAS position description template

Faculty senate memo March 2019

Non-Instructional Academic Staff & University Staff

For non-instructional academic staff and university staff, the information is documented on the performance appraisal form. For assistance in completing the performance appraisal, a PowerPoint presentation and handbook for supervisors is below.

Performance appraisal presentation (Prezi)

Performance appraisal handbook for supervisors 

Performance appraisal form 

Student Affairs performance appraisal form

Diversity and Inclusion performance appraisal form

Additional Resources

Verb list for writing goals 

Key issues in developing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) 

Performance Improvement Plan template 

Setting smart goals 

Smart goal worksheet 


The IDP and performance appraisal forms are placed in the employee's permanent personnel file in Human Resources.

Employee relations contacts