University Police Services

University Police serve a busy and vibrant campus, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Emergencies happen without warning so take a few moments to be prepared while knowing you can count on a prompt and professional response from our certified police officers and dispatch staff.  Located at 605 17th St. North, our new state of the art facility gives us access to all we need to respond efficiently.

Environmental Health/Facilities 

Facilities Planning and Management is responsible for maintenance, construction and renovation of all UW-La Crosse buildings and grounds. As a service organization, the scope of responsibilities range from litter pick-up to maintenance of complex building systems to construction of new facilities. The links on the left side of this web page provide information on how to contact Facilities Planning and Management if you are in need of service or have any questions.

Work Order Requests

From emergency repairs, regular maintenance, or issuance of keys - place a work order from FPM to process your request.  

Campus Alerts

Sign up for instant alerts on your cell phone, via text message.  These alerts provide information on closures and emergency-related statements. Campus Police are responsible for issuing a timely warning when a crime is reported to or brought to the attention of the Campus Police that there is a serious or on-going threat to the safety of members of the campus community. Information also comes from other law enforcement agencies. Every attempt will be made to distribute the warning promptly; however, the release is subject to the availability of accurate facts concerning the incident.

Emergency Preparedness 

The purpose of the emergency procedures outlined in this plan is to provide protection to the lives, property, and operations through the effective use of university, community, county, and state resources. This document has been developed to provide an organizational and procedural framework for the management of emergency situations through the coordination between the University and other government and emergency units. Additionally, it has been designed to provide a basic contingency manual for the administration of the University in order to plan for campus emergencies. The plan does not cover every conceivable situation; it does, however, supply the basic administrative guidelines necessary to cope with most campus emergencies.

Minors on Campus

The University System has adopted the following policy for the safety and well-being of minors that attend our various programs. These policies are primarily for the protection of minors; however, they also serve to protect adult employees and volunteers. As such, all members of the campus community, including faculty, staff, volunteers and third parties with a business relationship to the University must comply with this policy as well as other applicable university policies including the requirement of criminal background checks.

Information Technology Services

Get help from ITS by searcing the UWL KB, or KnowledgeBase.  This KB provides an online repository of solutions, resolutions, and information on a wide variety of technology-related issues. The list is dynamic with the more prelevant or common issue appearing at the top each week.  You can go directly to the the KB by clicking on the KB link.

CATL (Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning) 

Focused on ensuring faculty have the resources necessary to meet our mission and plan for student success.  

Two dining facilities are available on campus--the Student Union and Whitney Center. Faculty and staff can pay for meals using cash, credit or debit or purchase a block meal plan. More information about block plans for faculty and staff and a list of what you can get for a block meal, visit University Center's dining plans webpage


For on-campus events and meetings, catering is available through dining services. To view selections and pricing, visit the dining services catering webpage.

UWL faculty and staff are encouraged to obtain a faculty/staff Eagle ID card. The Eagle ID Card is the official card of UW-La Crosse and you may be asked to supply the card for proof of identity. 

The card is used for many things including room/building access, library check out, staff meal plans, and more.

For more information about the Eagle ID card and how to get one, visit the University Centers Staff ID card webpage.

Union Event Reservation Management 

University Reservations is your resource for UW-La Crosse event and meeting services. We will help you explore the possibilities for spaces, technology, and related services. Whether you are in need of a small conference room or are planning a large-scale event, reference the table below to find your contact. For University Reservations facilities, visit the Make a Reservation page or Contact Us to get started planning your next event!

Event Food Approval Form

The purpose of the food purchase policy is to define parameters under which the campus community may purchase food, directly or by reimbursement, using University administered funds while not in an approved travel status. UW-La Crosse has an obligation to ensure that all expenditures are essential and reasonable, and they support the mission of the University; therefore, when the University purchases food, the business purpose must be defined.

Catering on Campus

UW-La Crosse has an exclusive contract with Chartwells to provide food services on campus. There is an option to self-cater, in which a group provides food for their event. The total cost should be under $100, and is only allowable for snacks and beverages served without the use of electrical appliances. No pizza or meals are allowed. A Request for Approval to Self-Cater form must be completed and returned to University Reservations and Event Services on the third floor of the Student Union before the day of the event.

Communications and Event Notifications

University Communications is your solution for on and off-campus communications.  UComm manages the alumni publications, digital signs, campus connection, photography, social media, development of news and stories, as well as web content and development.  


Commuter parking permits are available for purchase from the parking and transportation services office. Employees are welcome to take advantage of the tax-savings offered by pre-tax payroll deduction of parking permit costs. To purchase a parking permit or learn more about campus parking regulations, visit the Parking and Transportation Services webpage.


The La Crosse MTU bus services offers the U-pass bus service to UWL students and employees. For students, the U-pass program is provided by the UWL Student Association and the fee for a pass is included in student fees. For employees, the U-pass bus pass program is available for a low annual fee and pre-tax payroll deduction is available. For more information and to download the U-pass payment form, visit the U-pass webpage.

Regional bus service

A regional bus service, called SMRT (Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit), has several routes with convenient stops near the UWL campus. For more information about this service, visit the RideSMRT website.

Travel and Purchasing Policies

University employees, while on business travel, are expected to exercise good judgment when incurring travel costs.  An employee may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary travel expenses actually incurred in the performance and conduct of UW business.  An employee shall not seek reimbursement for goods or services provided free of charge, not personally incurred, reimbursed by another source, or which will be paid or reimbursed from another source.  Faculty and staff traveling together pay their own way and complete their own Expense Report (ER).

Concur (Fox World Travel)

UW Employees MUST utilize Concur for all travel-related reservations. Please access the link above to register and learn more about how to travel for business or research. 

Purchase Card (Pcard)

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Procurement Card Program was established to provide departments with a simple, cost-effective, and convenient way to make low dollar purchases.  The program is designed to replace most low dollar purchase orders and blanket orders.

Office Supplies and Equipment 

As a rule, departments obtain goods and services through the purchasing process governed by State Bureau of Procurement policy and internal procedures within UWL Purchasing.  For most purchases, a purchase requisition  is generated by the department, signed by the Department Chair, Dean, or Director and forwarded to Purchasing for review and approval. This is required for all purchases over $5,000 as well as special handling items that are under this threshold.

Surplus Property Services 

In accordance with State of Wisconsin Department of Administration policy, Campus Stores has been delegated sole authority to dispose of surplus property for UW-La Crosse (UWL). Campus Stores may further delegate disposition authority for specific items or for general disposal activities. In the case of electronic technology surplus, Campus Stores has delegated authority to Information Technology Services (ITS).