Ethics and conflicts of interest

All University of Wisconsin System employees are required to comply with the code of ethics applicable to their employment status. These codes are designed to prevent conflicts between an employee's private interests and public responsibilities.

  • The rules for faculty, academic staff, and limited employees are in Ch. UWS 8, Wisconsin Administrative Code.
  • The rules for university staff employees are in UW System Regent policy 20-22.
  • The standards for UW System employees who are state public officials (generally high-level administrators) are found in Chapter 19 of the Wisconsin statutes. UW System employees in this group include, generally, the President, vice presidents, and associate and assistant vice presidents of the University of Wisconsin System. Chancellors and vice chancellors of each System university are state public officials. Members of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System are also state public officials. 

Further detail for each category can be found using this UW System resource.

View the 2018 UW System Ethics Presentation here. (presented at UWL by UWS General Counsel on 8/21/18)

Outside activities reporting

Per Ch. UWS 8, Wisconsin Administrative code, all faculty, academic staff, and limited employees must report, in writing, their involvement in outside activities every year before April 30th.  All faculty, academic staff, and limited employees must submit these reports using the form provided at the link below, whether or not they have engaged in outside activities.

Outside activities reports