Title and total compensation project

The University of Wisconsin is embarking on a complete redesign of its current classification and compensation structure. The goal of the study is to modernize the existing title and compensation programs which will, in turn, attract and retain the best talent for the organization.

Visit the UW System's Title and Total Compensation study webpage for more information and on-going updates.

Title and Total Compensation Study Open Forums:
Open forums were held September 25 and 27 and more will be scheduled soon. View the TTC Campus Update slides here.

Team members are:

  • Natalie Eschenbaum, Associate Professor, English, Faculty Senate Representative
  • Patricia Markos, Instructional Program Manager III, IPSE, Academic Staff Council Representative
  • Becky Yoshizumi, Academic Department Associate, Computer Science, University Staff Council Representative
  • Cynthia Carlson, Business Manager, ITS
  • Georges Cravins, Professor, Geography and Earth Science
  • Lisa Drazkowski, Financial Program Supervisor, Business Services
  • Kathryn Oleson, Business Manager, Student Affairs
  • Shauna Salow, Academic Department Associate, Health Professions
  • Erin Hanson, Deputy Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Becky Vianden, Director, Academic Advising and Career Services
  • John Acardo, Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources
  • Beth Hill, Assistant Director, Payroll & Benefits, Human Resources
  • Tracey Simpson, Classification/Recruitment Manager, Human Resources