Outside activity reporting

All university employees are required to abide by the university's code of ethics, monitor their outside activities and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Faculty, academic staff, and limited employee requirements

The Outside Activities reporting must be completed by all faculty, academic staff, and limited employees with appointments of 50% or greater.

In additional to the annual reporting, any significant changes in an individual's outside activities during the year must be reported immediately to the staff member's dean or division officer and forwarded to Human Resources.

Form and guidelines

Outside activities form

Outside activities guidelines

Documentation of outside activity reporting

Unclassified Personnel Rules (Chapter 8)

Faculty senate resolution on outside activities

Outside activities forms are due annually on April 30 for activities reported in the previous calendar year.

University staff employee requirements

University staff employees are advised, that under ER-MRS 24, they have an obligation to avoid conflicts of interest: "No Employee may solicit or accept from any person or organization, directly or indirectly, money or anything of value if it could reasonably be expected to influence such employee's official actions or judgments, or could reasonably be considered as a reward for any official action or inaction on the part of the employee."