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Paid Leave Bank (formerly ALRA and classified sabbatical) and Vacation Cash Payouts
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

The purpose of this guideline is to establish the administration of vacation cash payouts and treatment of vacation balances upon movement, retirement or termination of employment at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. 

According to the UW System Operational Policy BN 1, Faculty, Academic Staff and University Staff who retire or terminate employment are eligible to receive a lump sum payment of any remaining vacation and/or banked leave hours (formerly ALRA or classified sabbatical). 

If the termination is not the result of layoff or termination for cause, UW-La Crosse may allow the employee to extend their termination date for up to 30 calendar days beyond the last day worked by utilizing accrued vacation and/or banked leave hours. Any remaining vacation or banked leave hours will be paid out as a lump sum according to the calculation method specified in OP: BN 1.

If a UW-La Crosse employee moves from one leave-earning position to another leave-earning position within UW-La Crosse, all accrued vacation, vacation carryover and/or banked leave hours will move with the employee. 

If an employee moves to a new appointment that is not eligible to earn vacation, the balance of the accrued vacation and paid leave bank will be paid out as a lump sum at the end of the vacation earning position, utilizing the calculation as outlined in UW System Administrative Policy 230 (sec IV. J.).

When an employee moves from one UW System institution to another or moves to a State of Wisconsin agency, any current vacation earned during the calendar or fiscal year shall transfer to the new leave-eligible appointment. The new hiring authority will determine if vacation carried over from a prior year and/or banked leave hours will be transferred to the new appointment. Any leave not accepted by the hiring institution or agency shall be paid by UW-La Crosse to the employee as a lump sum.

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