Public service loan forgiveness program

The US Department of Education's Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program forgives the remaining balance on your Direct Loans after you have made 120 qualifying monthly payments under a qualifying repayment plan while working full-time for a qualifying employer such as the University of Wisconsin System.  More information can be found on the US Department of Education's website.

UW-La Crosse employees who would like to benefit from the PSLF program need to have their employment verified by their employer. The US Department of Education's PSLF employment certification form requires sections 1 and 2 of the form be completed by the borrower and sections 3 and 4 be completed by the borrower's employer. The UW System service center will complete sections 3 and 4 for UWL employees. Please follow the instructions on the UW System PSLF verification request form to request this be completed.

Questions regarding the verification request process can be directed to the payroll team.

Who do I contact?